NBP enters the market again.  WSE Less Than Mark (RELACJA) - Puls Biznesu

10:15 pm List of European, American as well as Asian companies that Cessation of operations or withdrawal from Russia and Belarus, With each day of the war in Ukraine.

10:11 pm US stock exchanges Friday’s session ended in red. Even an unexpectedly good report on the labor market did not manage to overcome concerns about the events in Ukraine.

21:48 Russia has also blocked Twitter, according to Reuters.

21:37 Crude oil finished Friday’s trading strong, reaching more than 7%. , Recording raw materials during the week Best result since April 2020 Gain more than 26 percent.

Photo: Reuters/Amit Dave/Forum

8:45 pm The government is preparing “Anti-Putin Shield”Prime Minister Mateusz Moraviki, announced these areas of economic life that have suffered as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: Marek Wiśniewski / Pauls Besniewski

20:20 The S&P Dow Jones Indices remove all shares of companies listed or resident in Russia from their benchmarks. more…

19:59 Russian oversight has resulted in the operation of the Facebook social network being completely banned. more…

19:35 Bear market in Warsaw. Weekend by WIG20 in the area of ​​1918 points. It means that the index has exceeded 20 percent of the bull market peak in the area of ​​2,480 points, and this is another confirmation The blue-chip stock market is entering a bear market. The same can be said about the entire market – says Adam Stackzak, analyst at DM BOŚ.

Photo: Tomasz Raś / Puls Biznesu

18:20 The Russian Duma agreed to Increased use of funds from the National Welfare Fund by the government. It will be allocated to the purchase of Russian stocks and bonds in order to mitigate the effects of the crisis

17:53 Friday’s session of WSE ended with strong selling. The WIG20 index fell by 4.52 percent. It drops to the level of 1918.75 points. In turn, the main WIG index fell by 4.3 percent. To close at 58,386.18 points. The turnover on the stock market was calculated at PLN 2336.89 million, and the largest deal was recorded on the securities of PKO BP – PLN 329.2 million.

17:27 The market is expecting a sharper reaction from the Monetary Policy Committee, which is already meeting on Tuesday. One manifestation of these expectations is the decline in the prices of Treasury bonds. Profitability of ten-year securities rose to 4.27%, the highest level in eight years – Emil Szweda wrote in a commentary from the Treasury Stock Exchange.

4:55 pm NBP confirmed earlier media reports that it was selling currencies again on Friday in order to relieve pressure on the zloty. This is the third central bank intervention since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The first is on Tuesday, March 1, and the second is on Wednesday, March 2.

On Friday, around 4:45 pm, the exchange rate of the euro in zlotys approached 4.85 and the exchange rate of the dollar to 4.45 Polish zlotys.

4:45 pm Microsoft suspends the sale of its products to Russia. Nor will it provide maintenance services to entities from this country

4:25 pm Entrepreneur, do you want to give jobs to Ukrainians? We have prepared a legal employment guide for people coming to Poland from outside the eastern borders

4:00 pm. A giant in the transport market, the Danish company Maersk for sure It will limit the transportation of goods to Belarus

15:40 Switzerland imposed more financial sanctions on Russia. Introducing new restrictions G7 countries also announce.

15:02 The European Union is studying the possibilities of limiting Russia’s influence and access to financing from the International Monetary Fund – Reuters decided

2:30 pm The PFSA expects Polish banks to immediately prepare an offer for refugees from Ukraine, which will provide them with access to basic payment services.

13:50 “Refugees from Ukraine are having problems with the hryvnia exchange, and some exchange offices and banks are suspending the purchase of this currency,” warns Marcin Wichik, a civil rights spokesman. He wrote a letter in this regard to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapinski

1:40 pm The head of the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney, announced this as part of the upcoming round of sanctions The European Union will isolate more Russian banks from the SWIFT system

1:10 pm Russia is doomed to economic collapse. Assessment of Boris Boris, President of the Polish Development Fund

12:50 FAFT, the International Financial Action Task Force, discussed coordinated measures to prevent the flow of Russian funds to other countries in order to avoid sanctions

12:30 In March, we will accept a record number of LNG deliveries – announced the president of PGNiG

11:55 The National Bank of Poland intervened in the currency market on Friday morning Bloomberg Founded

11:35 Generali, the third largest insurance company in Europe, headquartered in Trieste, Italy, He announced his withdrawal from Russia

11:10 A meeting of representatives of Polish banks was held at the PFSA, the purpose of which was Ukrainian PrivatBanku support in maintaining payments

10:45 Asian stock markets fell to their lowest levels since November 2020. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index is down 19%. Since the peak last February

10:25 “Russian President Vladimir Putin has no way to continue the war.” – said Vladimir Milov, a Russian economist linked to the opposition

10:00 Yandex company called “Russian Google”warned that suspending the listing of Nasdaq could face it having to pay a huge amount of money that it does not have

9:40 Alex Putmanov, founder and president of DTI Algorithmic, a stock trading company in Russia, the United States, Europe and Asia, Identifies catastrophic scenarios for the Russian capital market.

9:15 During the opening of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the WIG index lost 1.0 percent, and the WIG20 lost 0.47 percent.

09:00 The price of natural gas under the April contracts fell by 5.1 percent on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Up to 152.66 EUR per 1 MWh

8:50 Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, is in the hands of Russia

8:35 Strategists: The euro may reach parity with the dollar this year

8:15 “The last hours have brought a new upper bound for the EUR/PLN in the current trend” – Konrad Ryczko of DM BOŚ writes about “Continued pressure on the zloty”

08:00 richest russian He rewrote part of the property to his wife

7:45 The zloty is weaker than it was on Thursday

7:20 PIE expects this as a result of economic sanctions In 2022, Russia’s GDP will decrease by about 15-20%.

7:10 Rzeczpospolita writes that the war will hit the food trade with Ukraine and Russia. For some industries, this is not new. The president of the Polish Federation of Fruit Growers tells Puls Biznesu today about the 8-year economic war.

7:05 Crude oil rises on Friday morningThe week could end with the biggest price increase in two years

7:00 am in a day Guests “PB to listen” analyze the consequences of sanctions and talk about what entrepreneurs can do for refugees.

6:40 The expert expects Rental price increase After the influx of refugees from Ukraine. Puls Biznesu wrote earlier about him Possible changes in this market.

6:30 am Key to China’s Belt and Road Initiative The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) suspends all activities related to Russia and Belarus

6:20 Grupa Azoty . Board of Directors Potential risk areas have been identifiedWhich could have a significant impact on future financial results due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

6:15 JP Morgan makes predictionsThat Russia’s GDP in the second quarter will fall by 35 percent.

06:00 Standard & Poor’s Global lowered Russia’s “junk” rating.

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