Stop Jędrzej Grobelny Widzew!  Warta Poznań did its job

PAP / PAP / Marian Zubrzycki / Jordi Sanchez (Widzew) and Bogdan Tiru (Warta) compete for the ball

Michel Bigza

Widzew Łódź players created many goal chances in the first leg against Warta Poznań. However, the match was won by Wartha Poznań, who struck a powerful blow in the 20th minute.

For both teams it was a very important match in the context of the relegation match. Before the clash, Widzew was higher, with one more point than Warta.

The hosts attacked from the start. However, the Łódź team lacked peace under Jędrzej Grobelny’s goal. Some clashes took place in the Poznań team’s penalty area, but there were no consequences for the team led by Dawid Culcek.

The guard was patient. It was worth it. In the 20th minute, the visitors launched a counterattack that ended with a goal. Cajetan Smit ran into the penalty area, played along the goal area, and Marton Epel put the ball into the net from two meters away. This was the striker’s first goal in the PKO Ekstraklasa.

Losing the goal did not discourage the hosts. The inhabitants of Lodz attacked. The problem for Daniel Myśliwiec’s players was effectiveness. Widzew created the most threat at the end of the first half. In the 45th minute, Dominic Kuhn shot a ball past the goal.

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After the break, Łódź closed the visitors down under their own goal. All attacks fell on Grobelny. The goalkeeper showed great reactions on several occasions when he blocked a powerful shot from Jordi Sanchez in the 64th minute.

Widzew was banging his head against the wall. Warta finally started to counter-attack Łódź, but without any details in Henrich Ravas’ penalty area. With each passing minute, the home side had more and more problems creating equalizing chances.

Łódź searched for an equalizer until the end, but Widzew did not create many good chances. In the final action of the match, goalkeeper Ravas headed the ball but it missed. Warta returned to Poznań with full points.

Widzew Łódź – Varta Poznań 0:1 (0:1)
0:1 – Marton Ibel 20′


Widziw Lodz: Henrique Ravas – Mato Milos, Mateusz Ciro, Luis Silva, Andres Cyjanics – Dominic Kun (83′ Ignacy Dawid), Fran Alvarez, Antoni Klimek (62′ Dawid Tkac) – Ernst Terbijovski (62′ Fabio Nunes), Jordi Sanchez, Imad Rundic . .

Warta Poznań: Jedrze Grobelny – Viktor Pleshnirović, Dawid Simonovic, Bogdan Tiro – Jakub Bartkowski, Miguel Luiz (29′ Filip Borowski, 71′ Jakub Paszkowski), Nilo Minba (71′ Michal Kopczyński), Konrad Matuszkowski – Kajetan Smit, Stefan Savic (57′) . Mas Prekrell) – Marton Ebel (71′ Jakob Kilb).

Yellow cards: Borowski, Grobelny (Warta).

Judge: Damian Kos (Gdańsk).

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