Scientific Conference “Maopolska Cultural Heritage in Development Strategy” organized by Dr. and Julieta Knabek, A.; URC from the Agricultural University Hujon Cottage in Kraków and Dominik Pasek, director of the Malopolska Agricultural Advisory Center in Karniewice, became an opportunity to present the cultural achievements of the Zagorzans.

In the presentation board of the UR scientific and research project part of the “Science for Society” program implemented within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Science program “Integration of Vanishing Cultural Heritage into Innovative Rural Development Strategy”, you can learn about more traditions, customs, culture and art of Lesser Poland.

In an honorable group of representatives of the world of science, as well as local government officials and cultural activists from five regions of “Little Poland”, the partners and creators of Zagórzańskie Dziedzin presented their heritage in promotional booths.

The tastes of the conference guests were catered to by the dishes prepared by Śwarne Babki from the circle of Łętowe country housewives, including those on the menu of traditional products. The traditions generated by the pastoral economy and beekeeping in Zagórze are evidenced by cheese straight from the farms – Monika Kubik from Mszana Górna and honey from the apiary of Piotr Woźniak from Konina, hosts who shorten supply chains to a minimum.

Tradition and modernity have been combined by the following ladies: Małgorzata Suder (gingerbread decorated with regional and Christmas patterns), Barbara Węglarz representing Sznurkowe Perełki (utility accessories and Christmas decorations made of cotton thread) and Maria Knapczyk (Christmas decorations and lace made of live motifs made of fir branches ). The meeting rooms are decorated with wreaths made by Justyna Babuśka from Łętowy. There were also traditional Polish Christmas carols and shepherds from Zagórze sung and played by the Koscielnioków band of the Highlander Culture Lovers’ Association pod Cyrlom from Olszówka.

The pre-Christmas meeting was also an opportunity to summarize the activities carried out by the creators and partners in Zagórzańskie Dziedzin together with MODR in Karnovici and to thank manager Dominik Pasek for the collaboration throughout the year.

In order to fulfill this tradition, the convention concluded with Zagorz’s good wishes, and all those present were sprinkled with oats.

– I am very happy with the oats that I cut here and take home. This is a real tradition! – turned gratefully to the Zagorzans – Professor confirmed. Dr. Hub. M. Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz, Vice-Chancellor for Sciences at the University of Agriculture in Kraków.

(Source: UG Mszana Dolna / ed. Magda Polańska, Photo: Monika Kościelniak)

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