Scientists managed to develop a new type of steel.  Does not require the use of fossil fuels

The idea for it was announced in 2016, the co-creators – a Swedish solid product SSABAnd LKAB (a company specializing in the extraction of iron ore) i Lovely (Energy Concern) – They announced that they will make the necessary changes to deal with the production of the substance in question in an environmental way. Looks like one of the first steps went well, and The first delivery of the new type of steel has already been made to VolvoAs reported by SSAB on its communication channels.

“The world’s first fossil-free steel is not only a breakthrough for SSAB, it is evidence that it is possible to transform and dramatically reduce the global carbon footprint of the steel industry.”

said Martin Lindqvist, President and CEO of SSAB. Before signing the agreement with its local partners, the company announced that By 2025, it intends to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden by 25 percent.By converting the blast furnace in Oxelösund into an electric arc furnace. Thanks to him, it will become possible hydrogen production with use Renewable energy sources Widely. This gas replaces coal and other fossil fuels used in the steelmaking process.

The data published on the site shows that the cost of implementing the so-called pilot phase, the culmination of which was the first delivery of new steel, is approx. 2 billion Swedish kronor (approximately 898 million PLN), of which an amount 599 million (about 269 million PLN) from the Swedish Energy Agency. It is worth noting that LKAB and Vattenfall are owned by the Swedish state, and in the following years the initiative will focus on expanding its main plant in lulia And converting successive melting furnaces to electric arc furnaces.

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