Pink bridge will remind you of cervical cancer prevention

On January 17, European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week began, and with it the next edition of the Pink Lips Project. The educational project aims to spread knowledge about the possibilities of early detection of the disease and preventive vaccinations. The bridge’s pink lighting will remind you to look out.

This year’s campaign slogan is: STOP! All diseases and ignorance of cervical cancer. Gdańsk joins the action again and lights up the bridge at ul. Kosciuszko.

The bridge’s pink lighting will be set off on Monday, along with the city’s lighting, and will shine every day after dark, until Sunday, January 23.

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Promote human papillomavirus vaccination

Once again, Gdask participates in the Pink Lips project organized by the branch of the Gdańsk International Medical Students Association IFMSA-Poland. The initiators of the campaign want to persuade young people to be vaccinated against HPV, and also explain what HPV is and what are the negative consequences of infection.

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They argue that it is also important that as many women as possible undergo preventive swab tests to reduce deaths from this cancer.
Pink lips are a permanent part of the Pink Lips Project’s work. Organizers emphasize that it is not only a symbol, but also an expression of admiration for the women who are fighting disease. Pink also means awareness in the field of prevention.

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