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The EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive is set to come into force on July 1 this year, requiring businesses to permanently place caps on bottles and cartons, sparking consumer anger. What to do if the cap is still separated from the bottle? The Ministry of Climate and Environment explained to the portal what should be done in this case. The whole thing caused a torrent of comments online.

The European Union is trying to fight covers that pollute soil and water around the world. To this end, the Directive imposes an obligation on entrepreneurs to permanently cap bottles and cartons. Some manufacturers have already provided these solutions. What do you do if the lid comes off anyway – or the customer rips it off to make drinking the drink easier? The Ministry of Environmental Protection told the portal how to act correctly in this situation.

Before throwing it in the trash (yellow container), you must first crush the bottle and accidentally put the torn cap on the empty bottle. PET bottle recycling lines are equipped for further processing

– Reported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

What comes after the bottle cap collections conducted by charities?

The Ministry of Climate and Environment does not plan to impose any ban related to charitable activities

– stressed the Ministry in response to a question from Interia Biznes.

If (…) the consumer decides to tear off the cover and donate it to a charitable group, no one prevents him from doing so

– added the ministry.

A wave of comments on the Internet

The European Union’s guidelines on maximum limits caused a torrent of comments on the Internet. Internet users are mocking the fact that the European Union is trying to dictate from above what consumers should do with their drink caps.

We live in such crazy times that the Ministry of Climate and Environment explains to us what to do with a cap that accidentally comes off a bottle. For lazy people who don’t want to read – put a cap on the empty bottle and throw it in the trash

What do we do if we accidentally tear off the bottle cap?! Do you know, European citizen, what you should do in the event of such a tragedy so that you do not end up in hell as punishment?

Have they at least written down which direction it’s headed?

I collect the hats separately and do not change anything

I can’t believe my eyes when I read this. What stupid times we live in

Are there any penalties for removing a nut? If it is a misdemeanor or worse, a crime, then I admit I am a criminal.

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