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According to popular beliefs, to know the weather forecast for the whole year, Simply save your weather observations as of December 13 (i.e. from St. Lucie) and for the following days until Christmas Eve. Based on our observations, we can predict the weather that awaits us in a given month. What is the weather like in St. Łucja – same in January, same in December 14, same in February, a What is the weather like on December 15 and what is it like in March?

My grandparents wrote their notes this way every year. Now they did the same. It follows from them March 2024 may bring the return of winter! According to the “St. Lucie to Christmas Eve” method, there is still more to come in March Snowfall. This means that winter will not want to forget itself yet, and we will have snow days.

According to the popular Accueweather app, in We still have snow days in March, Especially in the middle of the month and frost is expected to occur at night. Will these expectations come true? Most people probably want spring and warmth, so they would prefer the forecast to be very different. Will winter remind us again in March?

People's expectations. what is he talking about?

The “St. Lucie to Christmas Eve” weather forecasting method is a popular belief according to which it is enough to monitor the weather from December 13 to December 24 to know the forecast for the entire next year. There is a proverb related to this belief: “Count back twelve days from Lucy to Willia, and look at the sun and the stars, and you will prophesy every month.”

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