Maciej Wąsik: We can close Belarus’ window to the world

On Monday, a Belarusian court sentenced the leader of the local opposition, Sviatlana Sichanowska, in absentia to 15 years in prison, and the former Minister of Culture Pavel Latushka, who joined the side of Lukashenko’s opponents, to 18 years in prison. Both of them reside outside of Belarus.

The activities of the Minsk regime were commented on by the Deputy Minister of the Interior and Administration, Maciej Wasik, in the “Guest of Events”. He noted that Polish journalist Andrzej Buczobet had been sentenced to eight years in prison in a court in Grodno.

– Bulldozers appeared on some cemeteries with the graves of the Homeland Army soldiers. He concluded that we cannot allow a regime that implements Putin’s plans to mature outside the eastern borders.

Maciej Wąsik: For Poland, Belarus is a little lufcik, Poland for her – Window to the World

Wąsik said the government in Warsaw is “acting very harshly towards Belarus” and would not hesitate to use other tools. – He said that there are several hundred people in the study who will be included in the sanctions list, and they represent the system of “justice” – the courts that handed down sentences similar to those against André Bokzobot -.

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He added that if the situation in Belarus escalates, it is possible that “Poland will close the Belarusian window.” For us, it’s a poop, and Poland for her – a window to the world – compare.

The deputy minister stated that border crossings with Poland are important for the Belarusian economy, standard of living, and support for Lukashenko. – We will not hesitate. He assured that if necessary, we will also stand up for the Polish minority.

He specified that the Polish government was “waiting for Minsk’s move.” “It seems that we can also go the other way, when Minsk proves that it cares,” he said.

Video: Maciej Wąsik in “Guest of Events”

Wąsik criticizes Ochojska. “Putin and Lukashenko scenario implemented”

On the subject of the migration crisis on the border with Belarus, the deputy minister stressed that the Polish authorities will not allow Lukashenka to dictate who will remain in Poland.

– We know international law and we know that it obliges us to accept refugees, and we are doing so. He assessed that there are immigrants in Belarus who seek social care in Germany, and who do not apply for asylum in Poland.

He also referred to the entry of MEP Janina Ochojska, who commented on the Granica Group’s report on the situation on the border with Belarus. She wrote: “I am ashamed that this is happening in Poland. Dedicated to Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wociek.”

– There are few people who support the policies of Putin and Lukashenko in this way, like Janina Ochojska. He said that the immigration movement that appeared two years ago is part of the declared mixed war against Poland and the European Union.

According to Wąsik, “This is a script written in Poland and Minsk”, and Ochojska “executes it brilliantly, saying hey, we’ll help”. – He urges these people to go through a difficult and dangerous path, and he called the immigration forums “the path of death,” – he added.

“Opposition politicians have a low opinion of the judges’ issuance of the control decision.”

Maciej Wąsik was asked if he was aware of Pegasus monitoring the head of Sopot, Jacek Karnowski, as reported by “Gazeta Wyborcza”. “I don’t know anything about it, but even if I did, I couldn’t answer that question.” He replied that all the operational interests of the services are classified, and that the forms and methods throughout the civilized world are top secret.

As mentioned, operational control is done with the approval and under the supervision of the public prosecutor and the court. However, the moderator, Bogdan Rymanowski, pointed out that – according to the opposition – such control is sometimes imaginary, because the judges receive too many requests and cannot devote as much time to each one as necessary.

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It seems to me that opposition politicians have a weak opinion of judges issuing such decisions. I know that judges often ask for additional material to be convinced of the decision. There are requests that have been refused, and there are not many of them, – answered Wąsik.

He also pointed to Jacek Karnowski’s statement, which says that the agencies sometimes use “Secret Service methods.” – I heard that the head of the Sopot company said that surveillance is disgusting (…). Corruption and theft of public funds are disgusting in Poland. He said that we are dealing with corruption scandals that have come to light thanks to the operational work of the services.

Deputy Head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration: There are no PiS services, there are Polish state services

Wąsik sees the Polish public as “living with a huge corruption scandal in Brussels”. – Arrest of the Vice-President of the European Parliament. This happened, for example, because the Belgian services used far-reaching methods of operational work, including control of communications, said the deputy minister.

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He pointed out that while spying on opposition politicians, the authorities could learn about their opponents’ electoral campaign plans, to which he replied: – There is no immunity in this regard. If the court makes a decision, it will control ruling and opposition party politicians.

“There are no rules, no sacred cows,” emphasized the deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration. – There are no services of law and justice law, there are services of the Polish state, – he said.

Wąsik: The Garbage Scandal in Warsaw is a huge success for the Services

Bogdan Rimanovsky also asked if the judges knew the conclusions were about wiretaps with Pegasus. Each action in each service demonstrates what operational control is. Each judge has excellent knowledge of the subject. Please trust me in this regard – said Wąsik.

According to him, the agencies “often succeed in arresting corrupt public figures from the region of the ruling coalition or the opposition.” – The huge waste scandal in Warsaw is a great success for the Polish services, – he concluded.

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