Will we play the role of a thief and a cop in GTA 6?  Players talk about an interesting theory

Over the holidays, players on the forums started talking again about the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, which Rockstar Games posted in early December. They've come up with a new theory that also touches on the game's possible endings.

Users have already noticed that the heroine – Lucia – has a device attached to her ankle that monitors her activities. This is supposedly linked to a botched jump and her being arrested by officers and then thrown in prison. So the game can take place after the action ends in failure, as suggested by the entries with Lucia in the GTA 6 premiere.

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It is very logical to reverse the above material – by omitting the videos in which Lucia plays the main role, it is clear that her lover was Jason. Together they decided to rob a store, and then the heroine went to prison. There's a theory that this is a prequel, and based on rumors that have been circulating long before GTA 6 came out (explaining that we'll also be getting to know the story from a law enforcement officer's perspective), Jason may be an officer or have connections with the police.

One fan of the GTA series went even further and prepared several variants of the endgame, which would make sense if the scenario described above came true. In this case, we can observe the past and the transformation of the characters throughout the entire story. Rockstar Games, similar to GTA 5, could give players the choice of whether to attempt to kill one of the playable characters at the end of the story or let them live.

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