M2 means more possibilities with less demand for electricity

An Apple conference is organized every year, and it is an event primarily intended for programmers. In addition to information about the software, WWDC 2022 has also – in line with previous leaks – brought important hardware innovations.

The conference began with the introduction of new functions and changes to the program, but the most important information appeared at the end. Apple showed off a new M2 chip and new computers equipped with it.

The premiere of the new segment, as always in such cases, was enriched with attractive diagrams that show how much the latest work of Apple dominates the competition and predecessors. The real earthquake – and this is not an exaggerated formulation – concerns the equipment that will receive new chips.

M2 means more possibilities with less demand for electricity
Image source: © Apple

M2 means more possibilities with less demand for electricity

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M2 chip

This will be the new MacBook Air with a 13.6-inch screen (unfortunately with a note), just 11.3mm thick and passive cooling. MagSafe (magnetic charging socket) with support for fast charging will return to it, and the charger is equipped with two USB-C sockets, which allow you to connect to electricity, for example, a laptop and an iPhone.

Connecting the cable won’t be a frequent necessity – the new MacBook Air’s battery provides up to 18 hours of video playback. The M2 chip will also carry over to the new MacBook Pro 13.”

M2 will provide higher energy efficiency
Image source: © Apple

M2 will provide higher energy efficiency

iOS 16: Android Lock Screen

In addition to the news related to Apple computers, there was also news related to iOS 16. Chief among them is the new custom lock screen (not for Android users!).

In the new version, it provides the ability to display various information, as well as the Live Activity function, which is responsible for displaying the main data from selected applications, such as the requested Uber arrival time.

Apple Pay and Deferred Payments

Useful changes are also the ability to undo or edit sent messages, content sharing facilities, as well as improved Siri algorithms responsible for speech recognition and text dictation.

The new lock screen will bring familiar capabilities to Android users
Image source: © Apple

The new lock screen will bring familiar capabilities to Android users

Improvements also apply to the Live Text function, which recognizes text in images – and this is new – in video materials, and Visual Look Up, which allows the recognition of objects in images. Minor changes also apply to Wallet and Apple Pay,

Wallet, Apple Pay, and Apple Pay Later apps have also been improved, with this functionality from Apple attacking the deferred payments market: paying in interest-free installments and a post-loan service is possible directly from the Wallet app.

An interesting change can also boast – unfortunately, not in Poland – the maps, in which a three-dimensional display of the area containing the solids of the most important objects appeared.

Changes in WatchOS 9

The changes also apply to Apple smartwatches. In addition to the cosmetic changes related to the new hardware, the new WatchOS 9 will bring important changes for physically active people.

It will give them new possibilities related to the analysis of user training and will provide detailed data, for example, on the movements of the upper body. He will also continuously assess the level of commitment and fatigue during the activity being performed.

CarPlay will provide greater integration with the vehicle
Image source: © Apple

CarPlay will provide greater integration with the vehicle

Apple CarPlay – Better Vehicle Integration

Drivers will appreciate the changes made to Apple CarPlay, which – along with the iOS 16 update – works with all car displays, thanks to which we will change, for example, the appearance of factory gauges.

Apple will offer deeper integration with functions previously intended for factory interfaces, and usually far from perfect, such as controlling the air conditioning. These changes are possible thanks to cooperation with – so far – 14 car brands, such as Mercedes, Volvo, Honda, Audi and Renault.

Łukasz Michalik, journalist at dobreprogramy.pl

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