GTA was once called a “murder simulator.”  Now Jack Thompson considers games “possibly the best educational tool.”

You remember Jack Thompson – the man who called for it to be banned JTA He even appeared in a video about the history of the series (not personally, but rather played his role). Bill Paxton)? An activist who has made a name for himself as a fierce enemy of video games and “obscenity” in general recently declared that interactive entertainment “is perhaps the best educational tool ever invented.”

These words were said during a conversation with Thompson hosted by Simon Parkin podcastu My Perfect Console. The episode has been available since yesterday, but part of the material containing this statement was published much earlier in the form of a teaser – which, it must be admitted, was appropriately chosen (via Service X).

When Parkin asked about the potential positive impact of video games, Thompson responded that the technology itself is “neutral” – what matters is the “intent” behind its use. A former lawyer (banned from practicing his profession since 2008) added that The interactive nature of games makes them a powerful tool that can be used educationally.

I saw how [technologia / gry wideo – przyp. red.] It helps children with disabilities and learning difficulties in other ways. Technology is an amazing thing. I just watched it OppenheimeraWhich I think deserves an Oscar for Best Picture. A stunning image in many ways. Take nuclear fission, for example. She can do this, or she can also light up the city. So technology is neutral. What is done in the hands of evil, indifferent or good people depends on the motive behind what is done. But technology is neutral.

Video games are arguably the greatest educational tool ever invented, thanks to graphics that now have a cinematic quality. Virtual Reality; Maybe reality doesn't look as good as virtual reality. The interactive nature of video games is what makes them so powerful. You are doing something specific here. You're not watching the movie passively. You are an active character in this video, or you are actively learning about an important topic you need to learn.

It must be admitted that this is a major change compared to the previous views of Thompson, who was famous, among others, for defining the position of habit CS-A I JTA “Killing simulators.” At least it seems, because later in the podcast, the former lawyer showed that he still doesn't like violent video games (although they both spoke to Barkin in a matter-of-fact way). Which isn't surprising — just two years ago, Thompson noted that he felt “sick” when he saw Grand Theft Auto III in action for the first time (via The Verge).

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