Will this be a Netflix hit?  1670 – The Polish Comedy was filmed in Kolposowa.  There is a release date [ZWIASTUN] – Kolbosova

Scenes for the 1670 series were filmed, among others, in the Kolbuszów Open Air Museum.

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News “1670” – this is the title of the new Polish series filmed at the Open-Air Museum in Kolbusowa. This is a comedy produced by Netflix that presents a picture of Sarmatian life in the time of slavery. The famous actor Bartłomiej Topa played the main role. The production will premiere in December this year.

Noble village with humor

We are talking about the series “1670”, which presents a picture of the life of the nobility in the ideal times of slavery, rich in absurdity, black humor and contemporary observations. The Netflix production is directed by Maciej Buchwald and Kordian Kądziel.

In the plot of the series, which takes place in 1670, Jan, the head of a noble family and owner of half of the village of Adamczynia, dreams of writing his name in the history of Poland – the superpower of that time. Thanks to the series of successes he has achieved in his life, it seems that he is on the right path.

He acquired everything he owned by inheriting some of it, and the rest he acquired through the hard work of his peasants. However, his ambitious plans are disrupted by the landowner’s daily difficulties: in the regional council, he once again has to defend himself against the idea of ​​increasing taxes.

Skeptical peasants lose their motivation to work, the daughter resists the plan to marry the businessman’s son, and malicious neighbor Andrei plans to have bigger crops next year.

The series will take viewers to the times when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is close to collapse. – Fortunately, Providence is always on Poland’s side, and Jan’s forward thinking will enable him to overcome every obstacle and strive for eternal glory! – Netflix reports.

Watch the official teaser for the series filmed at the Kolbuszów Open Air Museum:

The filmmakers will return to Kolbusova

Andrzej Wesołowski, a history buff and regional specialist from Kolbuszowa, who was present on the set of the series, told us in a conversation that new episodes will likely be filmed in 2024, which will show scenes “several years after” this event.

As we have already reported, several buildings have been built in the ethnographic park to meet the needs of the series. Two of them were not dismantled by the directors after filming was over. Not by chance. This was also confirmed by an employee of the Open Museum in an interview with us.

– The largest objects are still there, but this is because there is likely to be a continuation

– said a representative of the Kolbuszów Open Air Museum in June.

Wesołowski admitted that the production was excellently done in terms of props. As our interlocutor added, outdoor scenes and scenes related to peasants were filmed in Kolbusova. However, the episodes that took place indoors were recorded in a studio in Warsaw.

Outstanding cast

The production will feature: Bartlomiej Topa (as Jan), Katarzyna Hermann (as his wife Zofia), Martina Pieczkowski (daughter Anela), Mihail Palicki (son Stanisław) and Mihail Sikorski (son Jakub). The cast of the series also includes Kirył Pietruczuk (in the role of peasant Maciej) and Dobromir Dymecki (temporarily landless Bogdan, a sixth-generation nobleman).

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