Will the aurora borealis shine over Poland again?  Experts have no doubt

Good news for everyone who did not have time to enjoy the view of the northern lights that appeared in the sky a week ago. This wonderful phenomenon will soon return to Poland.

However, experts stress that in addition to their aesthetic value, the northern lights may lead to the failure of power and communications networks. All this is due to disturbances caused by magnetic storms.

A geomagnetic storm is a phenomenon known to scientists, but not on the scale that occurred a week ago. Scientists confirm that the last time this vibrant aurora borealis appeared was in 2003.

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At least five magnetic field explosions and solar storms are responsible for the power of this phenomenon. NASA assures us that these are regular processes and explains how they happen.

Because the sun is now becoming more active, experts expect the northern lights to appear over Poland and Europe during the next two weeks.

“These magnetic storms are not just beautiful lights, they also have their drawbacks,” says Ian Muirhead, a space systems researcher at the University of Manchester, quoted by next.gazet.pl.

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