Will space be a source of raw materials?  Polish projects will help in this

The year 2024 is a special year because it will soon be 55 years since the first man stepped on the moon. It happened on July 20, 1969, and the lucky person was Neil Armstrong. It happened as part of the Apollo 11 mission, of which Armstrong, born in 1930, was the commander. This event was supposed to mark the beginning of the conquest of space, and experts and others are betting that in the coming years the first bases will be built on the moon and space flights will become a daily occurrence.

The race to conquer space was driven by the Cold War and the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. Unfortunately The US victory ended the fightingAnd at the same time… conquering space itself. Inevitably, both countries lost motivation, culminating in 1972. On December 11, as part of the Apollo 17 mission, Eugene A. Cernan, and Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. “Jack” Schmidt on the moon. Silver globe. As it turned out, this was the case The last lunar mission and to this day no human foot has set foot there. Officially, it was money, as Apollo launches cost about $26 billion.

For many years, NASA has been running a new program called Artemis. It has been divided into several parts, and the mission that will take people to the Moon will be Artemis III. After many delays The current landing date is 2026. Currently, preparations are being made for unmanned and manned flights, but without landing. The mission involves other huge costs, and it is worth noting that the cost of the space suit itself… 15 million US dollars. You can read more about the task itself here.

Space and war are theoretically worlds apart, unless we're talking about Star Wars. However, there is something that connects both threads, and that is technology. Wars and the conquest of space have fueled the development of new technologies for decades. First, they are tested in wars and in space, and only then do they reach people. As it turns out, every zloty invested in space returns sevenfold.

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