February 3, 2023


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Will Smith's room hid other achievements

Will Smith’s room hid other achievements

Journalist Anne-Lovely Étienne says that Will Smith’s slap in the face at the Oscars has ruined the opportunity for whites to talk about diversity at the main event.

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Will Smith is the fifth black man to win the Best Actor statue since the awards ceremony was established.

Therefore, Anne-Lovely Étienne believes that this incident has the effect of making people forget the historical reward of the actor.

“We’m going to remember when he slapped Chris Rock,” he says.

He believes the actor should have used the ceremony to identify all the other black people who paved the way before him.

“Unfortunately, there are many things that go unnoticed,” he believes.

“I think Will Smith has accumulated a certain amount of frustration, many months of shame knowing that his wife has betrayed him,” the journalist supports.

In the end, he believes Will Smith should go for treatment and that such behavior is not normal.

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