Do you recognize this actor from this hit series on Netflix?

After starring alongside Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in the past two seasonsa foreignerThe actor is now in the cast of the hit series on Netflix.

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This is the current series Netflix. Inspired by Si Spencer’s graphic novel, bodies Follows the story of four detectives who, after discovering the same body in East London, must each lead the investigation in their own time. Over the decades, they discover their affairs are strangely intertwined, while an enigmatic political leader emerges whose role in the mystery remains unsolved. Among the actors of this series, Stephen Graham, Shira Haas, Kyle Soller, Amaka Okafor, seen in the Star Wars series, or even this actor seen in this series, brilliantly mix the detective genre and science fiction. a foreigner.

bodies : This actora foreigner For the last hit song on Netflix

From October 19, Fansa foreigner can be detected Mark Lewis Jones as Edward Morley, foster father of the enigmatic Elias Mannix, in two episodes bodies, Netflix’s new big hit. Before bodiesIt is currently the second most watched series on Netflix Elite, The actor played Alan and Malva’s father, Tom Christie, in Season 6 and the beginning of Season 7.a foreigner. He was an old acquaintance of Jamie Fraser, whom he met in Ardsmuir Prison after the Battle of Culloden. Twenty years later, the two find themselves in America, where the man asks Jamie to settle on his land.

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Starring Mark Lewis Jones crown On Netflix

Before playing bodies And a foreignerMark Lewis Jones makes a brief appearance crown On Netflix. The actor, seen in season 3 of the historical drama, played Welsh political figure Edward Millward, who was asked by the British royal family to teach Prince Charles Welsh before his coronation on July 1, 1969. This chapter, titled Prince of Wales (Prince of Wales in Welsh), was praised for using Welsh in most of his conversations.

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