[VIDÉO] The couple discovered a secret room under their spa

According to several American media, two young men discovered a long tunnel dating back a hundred years under their house in Michigan, USA. It would have been used to smuggle goods during Prohibition.

Haley and Trevor Gilmartin explained in a video posted on Tiktok that they had started renovating their home. Specifically, they wanted to get rid of their old spa inside.

Photo taken from TikTok account | @hayleyg0

While removing the hot tub, the couple discovered a water-filled bad room 20 feet below the house.

The cabin will connect directly to Lake Huron, where Mr. and Mrs. Gilmartin live nearby, the young woman told the newspaper. Newsweek. Except for a six-foot faucet and water, the room is empty.

Instead of panicking, the two men decide to go to the other side of the tunnel and get to the bottom of the mystery.

“We went into the river and found the other end,” Mr Gilmartin said Jam Press. Pumping water is “impossible,” he said, because the chamber “still gets it from Lake Huron and the rivers it’s connected to.”

Photo taken from TikTok account | @hayleyg099

They later learned that some neighbors had similar tunnels under their homes.

According to experts, 75% of Prohibition-related actions in the 1920s were caused by the area where couples lived.

“We are going to continue to study it and if possible, we will remove the water and build a recreation room or a bowling alley,” said Mr. Gilmartin told Newsweek.

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