Will Smith hits Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. In the video, he talks about "deep remorse" and "apologizes"

Actor Will Smith said he had “deep regret” over slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars in March. He reported that he called the comedian to speak, but was turned down. – Chris, I’m sorry. My behavior was unacceptable – said the star in the recording.

American actor Will Smith posted a video on Friday in which he answered questions about the situation at the concert Oscars At the end of March this year. Then the artist entered the stage and hit Chris Rock’s faceWho submitted the nominees for the award. Later he shouted obscene words at him. It was a reaction to the joke about the appearance of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, who had been suffering from alopecia areata for years.

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“No part of me thinks this is the right way to act at this point,” Smith said in the video. “I have deep regrets,” Smith added. He also said he was “trying to show remorse without being ashamed of himself”. “I am human and I made a mistake,” he said.

“Chris, I’m sorry for you”

Smith reported that he tried to contact Rock but “the message came that he wasn’t ready to talk.” – Chris, I’m sorry. My behavior was unacceptable, the actor continued.

When asked why he didn’t apologize to Rock during his onstage speech less than an hour after the accident, the actor replied that he was “blacked out until that moment”. “Everything is mysterious,” he added.

Guysdor also confirmed that his wife, who shared the comedian’s joke, did not ask him to comment on the matter at this point. – It pains me mentally and emotionally to know that I have not lived up to the image and impression of people of me – he argued.

“Disappointing people is my main shock,” he continued, adding that he “hates it when he lets people down.”

Main image source: ENEX, YOUTUBE / WILL SMITH

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