Accident on A4.  OSP publishes a movie and warns that the corridor of life does not have to be like this [WIDEO]

August 10, Ochotnicza fire brigade In Brochocin, I posted a video on Facebook showing the road accident on the A4. This access was very difficult because the drivers incorrectly created the Life Corridor.

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What will change from December 2021? How will the fines increase?

Brochocin Volunteer Fire Department posts a video on Facebook: Drivers need a lot of time to learn

“For some time, creating the lane of life has been mandatory for drivers! However, some drivers need a lot of time to learn to behave properly, allowing emergency services to pass to the scene of an accident. Dolnoöl ± ski The A4 section is specific because most do not have an emergency lane. However, you can act correctly in a situation when it is necessary to get help for accident victims on time! “- they write Firefighter in Facebook.

Warsaw. Hitting a two-month-old baby. The child was taken to the hospital

TSO guides you how to properly create a life corridor: every second counts in saving a life!

The Volunteer Fire Department in Prochosen appealed to the drivers. “Professional Drivers! Truckers, your place is on the right lane, right on the edge of the road!” Once! You see there is a traffic jam – take the right direction! Passenger cars on the left, under the railing! Simple… We have a light technical rescue vehicle… Medium-sized vehicles are following us and they need space, and every second counts rescue life! – Firefighters alarm on social media.

Women in a burqa (illustration)Afghanistan. They shot a 21-year-old girl because her burqa was “too tight”.

The road accident, the place of which was registered by firefighters, occurred on August 9 at about 11:00 on the road to the border near Chujno (69). How many A4 motorway). Four people were involved in the collision of three trucks. The driver of one of the trucks was taken to the hospital, but the rest of the people are fine. As a result of the accident, a traffic jam with a length of several kilometers was formed – says “Gazeta Wrocławska”.

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