January 31, 2023


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New Bond – What criteria are taken into account? There is a big change compared to Craig

Attention! This content is a rumour, or may be proven true but is not necessary.

The new Bond is still in demand. Thanks to journalist Ross King, we learned that a rumor about the first criteria that is taken into account when looking for a new actor spreads on the network. How will this 007 agent?

New Bonds – Standards

According to the journalist, the producers are looking for an actor Mostly a little over 30 years oldYounger than Daniel Craig. The last actor to play Agent 007 started his adventure with Bond at the age of 38. For comparison Sean Connery Bond was 31 years old. It also adds The new bond must be higher than 180 cmSo they want someone bigger than Craig who is 178 cm tall.

While fans are still tossing candidates left and right, there is no certainty yet. However, since the producers are targeting the younger actor, we can remove him from the list Tom Hardywhich was linked to a role in gossip.

Remember that according to Barbara Broccoli, they are working to reinvent Bond. So he will not only be a different actor, but also want to present a number of ideas that will give the series freshness. Agent 007 will definitely be a man – this was confirmed by the producer several times, but indicated that he may have a different skin tone.

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New Bond – The Candidates

Let’s recall the Bond role’s favorites from a study that included Twitter entries. The study is from the end of 2021. Do any of the representatives fit the criteria set?

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