Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars.  There is disciplinary action

American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences On Wednesday, it announced the opening of disciplinary measures against the actor will Smith to slap the announcer Chris Rock During the Oscars on Sunday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the proceedings could result in Smith’s suspension, expulsion or other penalties.

At the Academy Award winning ceremony, Chris Rock made a joke about bald head Jade Pinkett Smith Smith’s wife. The actress suffers from alopecia areata. The actor, angry at the comedian’s words, entered the stage and slap. Shortly thereafter, the transmission was interrupted.

Viewers, among others, watched the uncensored parts of the concert from Australia and Japan. After the impact, Chris Rock said, trying to relieve the tension: I got a kick out of Will Smith.

“Don’t say my wife’s name with your damn mouth,” replied the actor, shouting from the audience.

After a short conversation, Chris Rock stated, “This is the best night in TV history.”

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