Karolina Szymczak's age, husband and illness.  Who is the actress playing in the movie "Babylon"?

Karolina Szymczak is currently achieving her greatest career success. Role in the movie directed by Damien Chazelle It’s a game of chance Next to the stars like Brad Pitt. About the details of this project, the actress can not talk much, so her fans are waiting for a lot Polish premiere of the film.

Karolina Szymczak Born in Złotoryja on October 25, 1991. For more than a dozen years he has been engaged in professional modeling and acting, including advertising for well-known companies. She has been the face of brands such as Prima Donna, Wacoal, Bialcon, Nicole Oliver, Bestform, Dalia, and pleasure state.

Karolina Szymczak has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and Barcelona. I have stood in front of the lens of such talented fashion photographers as David Bellmare and Antoine Verglass.

Karolina Chemchak is a graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Lower Silesia in Wroclaw. I also graduated from the AFT Driving School. After graduating from these schools, Szymczak also taught Faculty of Psychology nand SWPS University in Wroclaw.

Karolina Szymczak, just 23, played the world hit “Hercules”. The Polish actress went into the mass production and was given the opportunity to appear alongside her Dwayne Johnson. Directed by the movie Brett Ratner Szymczak played the main character’s mother.

Karolina Szymczak in “Hercules” found herself thanks to the session in “Playboy”. at the exit “Hercules” He saw a session of a beautiful Polish woman in a magazine, and immediately decided to include her in his film. Thus Karolina Szymczak appeared Hollywood movies.

Karolina Szymczak is also known for her roles played in her backyard. The actress starred in films like “stars”And the “Diablo. A Race for Everything” if “It must be love”.

Karolina Szymczak’s husband is Peter Adamczyk. The Polish actor is 19 years older than his partner. The couple has been married for three years. The wedding took place in secret from everyone. Karolina Szymczak and Piotr Adamczyk tried to keep this fact a secret for a long time, but the media quickly saw the couple on their hands. Wedding ring.

The couple kept their relationship a secret from the very beginning. Karolina Szymczak and Piotr Adamczyk never appeared together in public or talked about each other in interviews. Also pictures of Wedding on June 29, 2019Karolina Szymczak just one year later.

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New movie coming to theaters soon Damien Chazelle. Hollywood hit Babylon It will debut on the big screen in Polish cinemas January 20, 2023. The film takes place in the transitional period between the era of silent and sound films. “Babylon” follows the vicissitudes of many characters, and they play the main roles Brad Pitt And the Margot Robbie.

Karolina Chemchak plays the role of Olga in the movie “Babylon”.. Little is known about the character herself, Szymczak explains, however, Olga is a very important woman and always He says exactly what he means. Before the premiere, the actress shared a frame from the film with fans Damien Chazelle.

Karolina Szymczak participated in the selection of the film in 2020. About the role in the movie Babylon I found out after a year. Little did she know at the time that it would be a role with Brad. in spite of that Karolina Szymczak has fond memories of working with Pitt.

Karolina Szymczak suffers from an incurable disease – endometriosis. Its basis is the growth of the uterine mucosa outside the uterine cavity, for example in the peritoneal cavity. Often it accompanies the disease Pain disrupts life. Karolina Şimczak has been struggling with its consequences for years, so she has surgery Elimination of disease outbreaks.

Karolina Chemchak told about her illness on social media. As she explained, she wanted it that way Support other women and make you aware of the risks. Karolina Szymczak is also participating Pro-health actions.

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