Will Izera never reach Polish roads?  The project cost hundreds of millions

It seems that we will have to wait for the Polish “electrician” longer than previously thought. outlet “francuskie.pl” She announced that the Izera project may be shut down soon. Moreover, problems are likely to lie ahead for Electromobility Poland SA.

Serious doubts arose about the plausibility of the Al Jazeera project after the report prepared by the Financial Supervision Bureau. “A prolonged project implementation process may cause a potential market opportunity to be missed and the product will not find the market demand that the company anticipates in its plans.” – It was written in the report.

outlet “francuskie.pl” It is learned that, among other things, because of this report, the future government will refrain from continuing this project. The aforementioned source adds that the Polish electric car market is too small to compete with global giants whose cars can be imported to Poland.

What’s next for the company that worked on Ezera? It must undergo special review. Electromobility Poland SA employs people previously associated with the automotive industry. Among others are Wojciech Mieczkowski, former director of Opel, and Wojciech Szyszko, former managing director of Kia Motors Polska.

When it comes to financing, nearly half a billion zlotys have been spent on the Izera project so far. It seems that the money spent will not be able to get the Polish “electrician” out of the factory and onto Polish roads.


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