“Revolution”: Catherine and Laurent flirt with danger

All risks are allowed to Catherine and Laurent. This Sunday, the two braved a daring dance revolutionThis pushes Mel to Charlotte to save them.

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In the face of Madin, Catherine and Laurent played all their cards for this face. “We don’t have that many limitations,” said the dancer duo. We use our bodies in the most optimal way. The only obstacle is our physical strength. Laurent weighs a certain weight that I cannot lift all the time or in all categories. But we use our strength and our circus techniques, which is different from dance. We like to explore through movement and add elements of surprise to the dancers.

Catherine and Laurent during the sixth episode of the fifth season of “Révolution” airing Sunday, Oct. 22, 2023, on TVA in Montreal.

Photo courtesy of OSA Pictures

For their first audition number, the duo focused on the duality of masculine and feminine forces, creating an inverted choreography. “We were in the same mindset,” analyzed Laurent. Through more and more training we realized that I was capable of carrying Catherine, so we wanted to use her strengths and mine to offer something new that we hadn’t had before. Never did.”

The fact that they both come from the circus may seem to their advantage, although Catherine wants to moderate. “We have completely different backgrounds [de celui] Dancers, he described. We have technique in dance, acrobatics, movement, theater… it’s more holistic training. But still revolution There is a dance competition, and everything depends on what the masters want to see. That’s what we try to achieve as much as possible. “

Catherine and Laurent during the sixth episode of the fifth season of “Révolution” airing Sunday, Oct. 22, 2023, on TVA in Montreal.

Photo courtesy of OSA Pictures

It is certain that the two will never leave each other. Many moments of their last dance could have been revolutionary moments. “We’re new in this environment, so we’re going all out to make sure we get through each phase,” confirmed Laurent.

In the end, the Masters still chose to keep Madiny in the match, but Mel Charlotte used her rescue button to save them. “It was a great surprise that she was the one who saved us,” said Catherine. I really appreciated his gesture.

Candidates were saved this week

LTC, 15 to 27 years, Quebec

Sandrine and Robin, 17 and 15, of Granby

Les Yambo, 20, Montreal

Malika Pickard, 18, Quebec

Andrey and Sophia, 13 and 11 years old, Toronto

Madiny, 30, Montreal

Candidates are saved by the Master

Catherine and Laurent, 24 years and 22 years, Rosemier and Richelieu

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