Will Iga Świątek limit its offers?!  Her team members encourage her to do so, and the big decisions are coming soon!

After arriving in California, Iga Świątek had a lot of free time. How did she spend it? – I was in Malibu one day and it was amazing. Shopping and the beach… Day 2 was much calmer and more relaxed. I sat by the pool and it was nice – revealed the Polish woman.

After tournaments in Doha and Dubai, the leader of the WTA rankings admitted that she was exhausted at the end of this tennis marathon (she played 8 matches in 12 days). She now compares the challenges faced by Grand Slam tennis players with those faced during intense WTA tournaments in the Arabian Gulf. Her observations were very accurate and interesting.

Will Iga Świątek play less? Polish women have to make important decisions

Everything was different. The surface is different and the weather conditions are also different. We usually play in Dubai and Doha when it is very cold compared to other tournaments on the tour. We play matches there almost every day, so it's a completely different rhythm than it was during the Grand Slams. I like the tournaments held in Dubai and Doha because the atmosphere there is very calm and there is not much happening. Of course, these are important events, but here, for example, we have more obligations related to sponsors. There you can just focus on tennis and work, and I really like that – Iga Świątek comparison.

These tournaments are physically demanding because you can play against the best players from the first rounds. Now the WTA brackets are so crowded that you can immediately bump into the defending champion or Grand Slam winner. That's why you always have to be ready to play matches day after day at the highest level, and between tournaments you have two days off, one for travel and one for training. Doha and Dubai are two tough teams, so I'm happy that I was able to win one of those tournaments and reach the semi-finals in the other. I think I handled these challenges well -Ega confirmed. – Of course I would like to play better in Dubai, but I think I did my best. I couldn't play ten matches in a row at the same level. I've accepted that and I think we have to accept the fact that the calendar is very crowded – added the Polish woman.

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Iga Świątek revealed that perhaps in the future she will play less and miss more tournaments. Just like Serena Williams did. – There are people on my team who tell me that perhaps soon it would be wise to become a player who would skip some tournaments and focus on the more important tournaments. The person who plans it starts out so that he does not exaggerate in the pursuit of points, but rather does everything step by step, like some of the older and more experienced tennis players. I'm thinking about it, but I'm still at the stage where I want to play everything, at least in tournaments where I feel good so far. Before the Olympics, it would definitely be difficult for me to decide, for example, to give up playing in a certain tournament in order to stay fresh and have more time to regenerate. So we'll see, but if it's necessary, we'll probably do it. I definitely want to be ready for the Olympics. It's an important tournament, but on the other hand, you have many opportunities during the tennis year. I would like to play well there, but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself – explained the Roland Garros champion in her own style.

Can we expect Ega Svetek to limit the number of her appearances during the season in the near future? – They encourage me to do it in the team, but I still feel I can play a lot and adapt. I want to play and not miss chances. But I think as I get smarter and more experienced, I'll be able to make those decisions and play less. Now when I think about all the tournaments I love, especially the clay tournaments, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving them up – Ega admitted.

On Friday, he will face Poland's Daniel Collins or Erika Anrigiwa. She recently had an exciting and thrilling fight with the American player in the second round of the Australian Open. She won 6:4, 3:6, 6:4, making up for losses in a very difficult situation. – It's funny that there are a lot of players on the tour, and at the beginning of the season I can play with Daniel again. But it doesn't matter, because when you want to do well in a tournament like this, you have to beat very good players, and Danielle is one of them. I will be ready – Iga said, I finally healed you.

Iga Świątek fights in Indian Wells. Tough draw

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