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At approximately 4:00 PM Polish time, the Łódź domination match began Widzew And Slovak AS Trencin. For football players Daniel Myslewick This is the third sparring this winter and the first it has been played turkey.

He will not be in the team's lineup for today's match matto melosa, Who started training today. Due to illness, performance is impossible David Tkac. They were also out of the team Olewer Jozevik And Andris Tsiganics. The good news is that the reserves included two cases of convalescence, viz Seraphim Sota And Juan Ibiza. The first goalkeeper in today's match is… Jacob Szymanski.

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Vidzio Łódź – Trencin 1:2 (1:2)
35 Alvarez – 5 Abraham, 9 Jung

Szymanski – Zielinski, Ciro, Kwiatkowski, Silva (29 min. Preuss) – Alvarez, Hanosik, Pawlowski – Terpiowski (46 min), Klimek – Sanchez (46 min. Rondic).

Alternatives: Krzywański – Szota, Ibiza, Prius, Kuhn, Cybulski, Dawid, Plishta

trainer: Daniel Myslewick

Kukuka – Kmet, Bondarenko, Stoisavljevic, Kozlovski – Abraham, Paris, Gaidos – Gong, Kubosovic, Soares

Alternatives: Slaviček, Hoduk, Bajin, Hajovski, Dimitra, Sunday, Pires, Mikolaj, Holly, Skovaica, Jerlik, Prikop, Donkor, Ochegbo

trainer: Ilya Stulica

Yellow cards: Silva, Kwiatkowski, Yero – Ibrahim, Gong

Red card: 24′ Silva (for two yellows)

Judge:Patrick Grikiewicz (Toruń)

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