European funds.  PLN 15 million for research work of Podlasie companies

The competition is open to small, medium and large enterprises of Podlasie, as well as its industrial and scientific associations and federations. Applications are accepted until February 29 – only in the electronic version.

As the county leader admitted, R&D activities are expensive and high-risk, so not all companies can afford them. However, to succeed, you must offer innovative products and services and compete with quality. This is what research work is needed for. “I hope that funding from the regional program will stimulate Podlaskie companies to take such actions,” said Artur Kosicki.

Grants will be available, among others: for industrial R&D work, as well as for the development of enterprise R&D infrastructure (such as devices or equipment), which will be used to conduct work to create innovative products and services. The results of the competition are due in July this year.

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This is another measure to increase innovation of Podlasie companies. At the end of 2023, the provincial government transferred PLN 16 million from European funds for vouchers for companies, which will be distributed by business environment institutions.
This concerns the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation and the Regional Development Agency “Ares”, which will each receive approximately PLN 8 million to distribute to companies from the micro, small and medium enterprises sector (SME sector). One company will receive a voucher with a maximum value of PLN 150,000. Zloty. The funds can be used, among other things, to: purchase research services (patents, know-how licenses, development research) or develop prototypes.

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