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In the opening of the ninth round of the Ekstraklasa, Widzew Łódź played against Corona Kielce, last in the table. As it turned out, the task was not as easy as some thought. Widzew’s team took one point away from Kielce and they can be very happy with it. How did we evaluate the performance of individual players?

Henrich Ravas:
Chigitsky’s shots could have been defended, although it would have been very difficult. The Slovakian still defended four more shots, including winning a 1-on-1 duel with Szekaowka. The crossbar helped him once with a Zator shot, but we still believe that Heinicke helped the team in this match.
Rating: 6

Matto Milos:
We do not understand at all how, after such a good match against Krakow, we can play such a weak match against Corona. It was as if someone had taken the Croatian’s place. After all, it had not even been a week since he had performed so well. His passing accuracy was sixty-five percent, which is a poor result to say the least. He sent four crosses into the penalty area, and none of them found their recipient. He added three successful dribbles out of four attempts and two receptions. Furthermore, his game was full of mistakes, nervousness and chaotic nature. He was the one who did not cover Chetsky when the goal was conceded.
Rating: 3

Matthews Zero (Man of the Match):
He played the game at a high level again. He made three tackles and fumbled passes just five times. Once again, it was unavoidable, and the Corona cases resulted from the lack of organization of defensive play. Shikaoka was only visible in one situation, and Nuno, who played for the Shira team, was one of the worst players on the field among the hosts. Serafin Szota will have a very difficult time getting back into the first team with the performance of Matthaus.
Rating: 7

Juan Ibiza:
The second match and again from the first minute despite the presence of Luis da Silva in the lineup. He made the most passes on the pitch, fifty-four, of which forty-seven were accurate. His only dribble attempt was successful, and he also added one reception. The only mistake we can think of was losing a header in the penalty area to a Belarusian striker who was playing in front of Chitsky. It must be admitted that the Spaniard is really good in the air. The Spaniard was thrown in at the deep end and came into the team well.
Rating: 6

Fabio Nunes:
He played as poorly as Mato Milos, except that the Croatian was involved in conceding a goal. Twelve missed passes, one accurate cross, zero successful dribbles and zero receptions. It was also imprecise and electrical. He did not give it to him either from the front or from the back. Luis da Silva’s option as a left-back looks more realistic.
Rating: 3.5

Dominic Kuhn:
He made some poor decisions, for example by giving the ball away too late when Widzew’s side were promising in the first half, but overall he didn’t play too badly. Out of five dribble attempts, three were successful, and he also made four receptions (the most on the team). The only thing we can complain about is the fact that Kuhn is rarely in the game, exchanges few passes and, ultimately, is a central midfielder who should be looking for this game more than others.
Rating: 6

Marek Hanousek:
He only dropped the ball three times and added one reception. That’s it. Marek didn’t stand out in midfield, but he didn’t do anything major either. He wasn’t very active, but considering how easily Corona got into the box, the Czech must have been doing something wrong. The Coronarze side had the upper hand in midfield.
Rating: 5

Julian Shehu:
He made two key passes, which is quite unique because none of the other red, white and red players played a single ball of this kind. He has run the most kilometers of any footballer on the field (almost twelve kilometres). The Albanian also won a penalty kick, after which Pawlowski succeeded in equalizing. What is missing is the yellow card, because, for the sake of objectivity, Shehu should have been sent off at the end of the second half. He hit his opponent’s leg with his shoe, and the referee stopped the match and did not return to punish the red, white and red player, but he should have.
Rating: 5.5

David Tkach:
He didn’t play the best, but we’ll defend this kid. He is eighteen years old, recovering from injury, and this is the second time he has started since the first minute. He also has no experience at Extraklassa level, as we can see him playing for Gornik Łęczna, at the highest league level in the country, for just eight minutes. He made just fifteen passes, nine of which were accurate, and also made two tackles. He’s not afraid to shoot from distance and that’s a good thing because, except for Pavlovski and Kirk, who are slowly entering the team, there are few players who decide to try such things.
Rating: 4.5

Bartlomiej Pawlowski:
The only thing that saved Partek from a really bad rating was the goal, because he played a very bad game. He played for over eighty minutes and made thirteen passes, ten of which were accurate. Of his six dribble attempts, none were successful, and he did not make any accurate crosses. Already in the first half, his losses were tiring, because despite the presence of his partners to pass, he preferred to move forward and look for camouflage. We repeat, the equalizer saved him.
Rating: 5

Jordi Sanchez:
We will not write much here because Jordi was not present in this match. He only made eleven passes. His frustration was evident and he received a yellow card for unnecessary discussions with the referee. Naturally, the attitude of the entire team did not help him, but he himself was simply invisible.
Rating: 4


Sebastian Kirk:
The change wasn’t as good as last time. Not much has changed. He fired two balls, one of them on goal from a free kick. He made just six passes, four of which were accurate.
Rating: 5

Imad Rondik:
Two passes and two passes on goal and that’s all we saw from him. Just as in the case of the German, this change was not as good as it was in the match against Krakow.
Rating: 4

Andres Cyganics:
Six passes, four on target and a yellow card. His entry did not change anything
Rating: 4

Ernst Terbiowski:
He played too short a time to evaluate his performance. He hit once, but missed.
Rating: none

Grading scale: 1-10 (initial 6)
1 -The worst match in my life
2 – Under all the criticism
3 – awesome
4 – Very bad
5 – in a bad manner
6 – in the middle
7 – Good
8 – very good
9 -Close to perfection
10 – Match of life

Evaluation methodology:
Each player starts the match with a rating starting from 6. After a successful play, he or she gets half a point, and if it is decisive for the course of the match (for example, a goal, assist, important pass or important defensive tackle), a full point. Likewise, points are deducted after a failed play. At the end of the meeting, the points are added up to create the final score. We only take into account players who have played at least fifteen minutes of normal playing time.

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