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220.5 meters from Constantine Schmid. It’s the first.

Sundal reaches 213.5 metres, but with light winds. However, he is behind Bresadola, who jumped 220 meters ahead of him.

Clemens Aigner – 206 metres.

Tande rehabilitates his lapels a bit in the first series. 202.5 meters, although it is of a higher beam.

Burke-Sedlak gave the latest report. Perfect conditions, similar to the first series. Plus words of support for David Kobacki and his family.

The second series of today’s competition is ahead, the last of the season.

Alexander Zniszkul reached 226 meters which is the 14th after the first round. Of the Poles, it is the best so far.

Source: Eurosport Results of the first round of Sunday’s competition in Planica

The differences are small, it will be a crazy battle to win. Lanisc 224.1 points Domain Prevc 222.5 points Kraft 221.2 points

Video: Eurosport Żya’s journey from the first series of Planica’s Sunday quiz

215.5 meters, only 23rd place …

And now Granroad.

But there is a third Craft. 2.9 points behind Lanishek, 1.3 points behind Prevc.

238.5 meters from Austria, but also four 20-point marks.

Kraft is also strong, as is Lalysk.

Anże Laniszek 239.4, four times with a score of 20. Great flight, confident lead. It’s in front of your brif.

Kobayashi – 229.5 meters. Eighth place.

She lived 221 meters and only fifteenth place!

We owe you a Stosh trip, here it is:

Video: Eurosport Stoch’s flight from the first series of Planica’s Sunday quiz

Wellinger 228.8 meters. – 6.5 points for the ninth place wind.

Tschofenig ranked eighth. Five points above the destroyer who is tenth.

Timi Zajc flew 232.5 meters from the mini runway. But a lot of points deduct the wind from third place.

Wittner jumped, but didn’t get close to the top. Only twelfth place for the Austrian after a jump of 219 meters.

Karl Geiger – 217.5 meters, the 14th is German.

Prevc, Nakamura, Hurl – the top three. Ten other competitors, including Piotr Żyła.

Wsek and Destroyer jumped in hard, to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the Stoch.

Video: Eurosport Wąsek’s flight from the first series of Sunday’s competition in Planica

Video: Eurosport Destroyer’s Journey from the first series of Sunday’s competition at Planica

Jan Huerl with a better figure improved by half a metre. He flew 236.5, which gives him third place,

Stoch is clearly not satisfied. 216 meters, the pole will not count in the fight for the top positions. It’s ten at the moment.

Eisenbichler descends at an altitude of 225 metres. Fifth place. sixth destroyed.

We start the second half of the rate.

Ziga Gellar scored 228.5 points, ahead of Destroyer and the two – Brevc and Nakamura.

Bad Tandy, the worst of the fourteen players. Fourteenth place, and maybe even thirtieth in the end.

He and Domin Prevc flew in very bad conditions. 237.5 meters ahead of Nakamura because he has no points for wind. New leader. So the third one is now destroyed.

Johansson 217 meters, fifth Norwegian.

The first Slovenian sweater, without overtones. 217 meters only to Lovro Cossa. Fourth place (after eleven jumps).

The first Slovenian sweater, without overtones. 217 meters only to Lovro Cossa. Fourth place (after eleven jumps).

Deschuanden (219 metres) The first windward point jump. The Swiss is not entirely happy, he is third, losing a little to the Terminator.

But what just happened here? Naoki Nakamura flew with less wind. As far as 237 meters from the Japanese. This is the longest jump ever today. Lead 20 points. before destroying it. Fifth degree. Seven players behind us.

Clemens Aigner – 207 meters, 177.5 points. The worst result of all six contestants.

Harder, albeit a little worse, is also Wąsek. 216 meters!

But Olek flew! Nice ride, 226 metres. And driving, of course! This is also the first note above 200 points. – 200.7

Olek Zniszczol would be the first pole vaulter. It’s in an instant.

Bendik Jakobsen Heggli started. 216.5 Norwegian metres.

Perfect conditions, Borik Sedlak reported. So you can start!

This is the last competition, the season has been long and exhausting, but we assure you, many editors of will have tears in their eyes today.

The big candidate will be Stefan Kraft. On Saturday, the Austrian won the individual competition and triumphed in the team competition. He still has a real chance of catching a small crystal ball.

The best Polish jacket of the season will be absent from Planica today. David Kobacki told us about a difficult time in his life.

Of the Poles, Stoch is the highest, ninth – 223.5 meters. Zniszczol also jumped well, equaling his personal best – 227.5 meters – and was 16th-15th (219.5). Weaker Paweł Wąsek – 206.5 meters, 27th place

Anże Laniszek (234m) was the best in the series, followed by Stefan Kraft (234.5) and Ziga Jelar (235.5).

The end of the pilot series, in which thirty players participated, which we will also see in the competition.

She lived – 219.5 meters. Stoch – 223.5.

Piotr Żyła on beam.

235.5 meters Ziggy Gelara, now the first. Eighteen players jumped.

A series of long trips. Domen Prevc – 133.5 meters, Johansson – 234, Kos – 230. This is how the first three look. Behind them is Olek Zniczo.

Ten competitors are already after the test jump. Aleksander Znisezol was leading with 227 metres. Paweł Wąsek is weaker, with only 206.5.

On Saturday, Piotr Żyła was the best Pole in the individual competition.

Video: Eurosport She lived after the team competition on Saturday at Planica

The leader of the Figure Skating World Cup with 430 points is Granerud. Kraft has 10 points less. The Austrian won the individual competition on Saturday and triumphed in the team competition, so he has a real chance of winning a small crystal.

The crystal ball battle is over. Norwegian Halvor Egner Greenrod will take home the trophy on Sunday, which was also the best in the 2020/21 season. Austrian Stefan Kraft and Slovenian Anze Lanisek, who overtook Kobacki on Saturday, will also stand on the podium.

Žyła is ranked sixth in the overall World Cup rankings. Stoch is 14th, Wąsek 31, Zniszczol 33. However, the last two can start on Sunday, due to the absence of several top-30 jumpers, including David Kobacki IV.

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