Radwaska's dramatic victory.  The biggest problems in the second set of tennis

Behind Ursul Radwasek Bad start to the season. Due to COVID-19, the Polish tennis player was unable to properly prepare for the first starts, which resulted in a loss, among other things being eliminated to Australian Open.

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The thrilling victory of Orzola Radwiska

shelves He participated in the tournament held in Altenkirchen, Germany. Her first competitor was German Julie Niemeyer, ranked “3”. The 22-year-old is close to entering the top 100 rankings In this. The German girl was clearly a favourite, but Radwańska did well in the first set. Polka was broken early in the match, but then won three more matches, gaining the breakout advantage. Radwańska managed to break through quickly, then responded with two more breaks and won the next three matches, winning the set 6:2.

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In the second set, the German fared better from the start, breaking Radwijska twice and taking a 3:0 lead. However, the Polish woman managed to make up for one break quickly. I saved three peaks Combinations with its own pass, then led to a tie, breaking the opponent in the next game. In the tiebreak, Radwańska fared much better, winning by 3, using the match two ball.

This is a very precious victory Ursula Radwiskawhich is currently ranked 244th in the ranking In this. She will meet her next opponent on Wednesday in the match between Jenny Durst and Nastasya Schunk.

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