France Cup.  Vanes OC - Paris Saint-Germain 0-4

Only the illusionists are expecting a big commotion from this confrontation. This must be a failure Runners-up from France With a man in the fourth league. The victory came easily for the Parisians, and their rise to the 1/8 finals was not for a moment threatened.

Guests entered this meeting without two of the top three stars on the team. Lionel Messi In quarantine in his hometown of Rosario – after contracting the Corona virus. Neymar He is still treating an ankle injury. It was only in the beginning Kylian Mbappe.

For the first quarter of the skirmish hour, players OC . valves They defended themselves with great determination and effectiveness. Only in the 16th minute it seemed that they would be reprimanded when they are in their penalty area, after touching the opponent, Mbappe.

Football players from the capital demanded that “eleven” be summoned, but the referee remained insistent and did not blow his whistle.

After 29 minutes the score was 0-1. For the ball centered from the corner Nono Mendesa Perfectly figured Presnel Kimpembe Hitting his head from a few meters away, he undefensively hit her.

For the 26-year-old defender, this is only the second hit in the colors Paris Saint-GermainDespite the fact that he has already played 203 matches for this team. Previously, he entered the list of shooters in February 2019, in a 1/8 final match of LM with Manchester United.

The hosts owe it to the fact that no more goals were scored in the first half. Clement Petrell Show his amazing interventions after the shots Indira Herri I Jorginho Wijnaldoma. The latter missed a great shot opportunity shortly after switching sides.

Candidates advance advance before the hour is up. Then he flaunted a long pass from half of his team KimpembeThe ball went to MbappeHe found himself face to face with the opponent’s goalkeeper and – with a bit of luck – forced him to surrender.

The same player hit the net again after twelve minutes or so. And that’s twice. First, he had a wonderful pop under the crossbar in front of the penalty area, and a few moments later, after teamwork, directed the ball into the empty goal.

Edouard Michot could have scored the team’s fifth goal from Parc des Princes, but after his shot the ball hit the crossbar.

Goal: 0-1 Kimpembe (29.), 0-2 Mbappe (59.), 0-3 Mbappe (71.), 0-4 Mbappe.


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