Sylvain and Frederic stay together after the adventure If We Love Each Other

Added something new this week If we loved each other, our twins sat at Guillaume and Emilie’s bedside to watch the highlights of their adventure three months later. Producer Marie-Hélène Poirier looks back on this moving week.

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This week allowed participants to clarify things, take a step back, and observe themselves. You should know that the shooting is done in the spring of 2022. The two met for this vision at the end of August 2022. At the end of each episode, people got to know each person’s current love situation at the end of 2023. »

No regrets

“Julien was very emotional watching their journey. The good thing is that he limited his intensity, but his observation is that he cannot change. We have seen that he and Marie-Josie are not sad even if they are no longer together. The next summer the experience was difficult because Julian worked a lot and Taking care of their children often doesn’t coincide with romantic time. Marie-Josie admits to falling back into her patterns and shutting down. The beauty is enjoying all the stages they’ve been through. If Marie-Josie is single, Julian has been in a relationship for almost a year!

A facing exercise

“Alexandre and Julie’s reunion happened with humor. He found love since we loved each other. For Julie, seeing was less because it was about coming face to face with herself. She was shocked to learn of Alexander’s lack of concern for his health. It was an opportunity to better understand what the famous rose-tinted glasses Louise had talked about with her were. Julie had a tendency to catch Alexander’s slightest sign of interest. The mood changed when she found herself with Luke; She was a little cold. Both are single.

Still in a relationship

“Between the breakup and the reunion, we understood that they had a summer full of questions and a lot of pain. It was hard to see Sylvain’s moments of impatience, but it was good for them to listen to Louise’s advice again. He and Frédéric were separated for a while, but they are still together and continue their learning. We knew they were determined to continue!

In all friendships

“A positive ending for Melody and Sammy, because they are persistent and true. She admits to being a charmer in life, and when she sees herself, she better understands the ambiguous signals she’s been sending to Sam. At the end of the season, we had a little doubt that they wanted to be friends, but they That’s it. What’s left. We also learned that Melody got back together with her ex, but it didn’t work out. She’s been with another man for a few months, and Sam’s still a girlfriend.”

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