Why do you go to the cinema?  “Mr. Click Academy”, “First Goal”, “Flar”

“Mr. Click Academy” It is a modern version of the classic fairy tale by Jan Przychowa, which attracts young people with its content and form, but also enters into dialogue with older viewers who still remember the film adaptation from the 1980s. The film tells the story of a seemingly ordinary girl – Ada Niezgódka – who goes to the Honorary Academy to discover the world of fairy tales, imagination and creativity. With the help of the crazy and brilliant teacher, Professor Ambrosie Clix, she develops her amazing skills and also finds a clue that helps her unravel the family's biggest mystery…

He played the role of Ambroży Kleks Thomasz Cote. Pyotr Frontzevsky, who played this character in Krzysztof Gradowski's production, also appeared in the film – as Dr. Paj-Chi-Wo. She became Ada Niezgódka in the film Antonina Litwiniak. The cast also included: Sebastian Stankevich, Agnieszka Grochowska I Danuta Stenka. He is the new “Kleks” manager. Maciej Kowalski. Krzysztof Goriczy and Agnieszka Kruk are responsible for writing the screenplay.

Although the production only hit cinema screens across Poland on Friday, it has already broken its viewing record. The film about Mr. Clicks has been watched by up to 438,000 viewers in pre-premiere screenings. In the history of the domestic box office, no other film has ever achieved such numbers. However, the production does not get the best reviews. The film was criticized by, among others: Karolina Corwin Piotrowska. Our reviewer Marcin Radomski also had some comments about the production. “The aesthetics used in the film seemed stylistically inconsistent to me, just as the action itself was incoherent to me, jumping from one level to another – thus destroying what is essential in fantasy: suspense. Excessive form at the expense of content. Fantasy The entire “missing staff, verbal aberration, and unexpected array of different characters,” said the latter.

Taika Waititi He is one of the most famous Hollywood names in recent years. Considered a cinematic discovery, the New Zealander has directed more than a dozen films (including “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Thor: Love and Thunder”) and worked as an actor. He is also an Academy Award winner for his screenplay for “Jojo Rabbit.” Primarily appreciated for its play with the film genre and its originality, this time the creator took the story of a real football team with big ambitions and a little less talent.

In his latest video titled “the first goal” With his sense of humor and insight, Waititi offers players for whom football looks something very different to most of the sport's enthusiasts. The director presents to viewers a beautiful picture of the indomitable fighting spirit and the dreams that cannot be extinguished even by the biggest defeat in football history. After a painful loss to Australia in the 2001 World Cup qualifiers, the American Samoa national football team appointed last-chance coach Thomas Rongen (Michael Fassbender), whose mission is to improve the team's general condition, its playing style and the number of goals scored. The task is not easy because the team will not alone have to overcome its weaknesses.

“Flew” It is an adventure story about a family of ducks who embark on an amazing journey around the world. The Mallards fell into a bit of a rut. Father Mac is glad that life is slow, and that the family is safe on a pond in New England. However, Pam's mother is feeling adventurous and wants to show her children – son Dax and daughter Gwen – the rest of the world. When a family of migrating ducks shows up at their pond with exciting stories of far away places, Pam convinces Mac to take a trip across New York to Jamaica. This experience will expand their horizons, make new friends and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

An idea for a movie “The mother is sitting in the back.” Experienced Icelandic manager Hjalmar Odson He carried it inside him for thirty years. The story of late coming of age and accompanying the deceased on his final journey is here filtered through a Scandinavian sensibility full of dark humour. The result is a film that is the perfect blend of black comedy and road cinema.

John is a middle-aged man who lives with his mother in the Icelandic countryside. For years, the woman controlled this relationship, completely subjugating her son. When his mother dies unexpectedly, John is determined to fulfill her last wish regarding a burial place. The hero carefully combs and dresses the woman's body, places her in the back seat of the car, where there is also room for his beloved dog Brezhnev, and sets off on a long journey to the other end of the country. The trip will not only become a form of saying goodbye to his mother, but it will also be an opportunity to reflect on their relationship and all the limitations he has had to face over the years. It's also a chance for a fresh start, because on his way to John, he realizes that it's time to start living on his own.

Lena's father – the main character of the drama “Sea Sparkle” – He is the captain of the ship. Even though he knows the rough waves like the back of his hand, one day he doesn't return from a cruise. The reasons for the disappearance of his ship were not determined. There may have been a change in the weather, and perhaps a crew member made a mistake. Lena has a different explanation – a giant creature lives in the sea and is the cause of the accident. The girl, along with her friend Kaz and Vincent, who works at the aquarium, follows the trail of a mysterious sea monster and tries to prove her point to everyone.

On a glacier in Iceland, a group of tourists stumble upon the wreckage of a Nazi plane from World War II. On board they find maps and directions to hide the “gold train” on which the Germans wanted to transport the looted gold in occupied Poland. Little do the discoverers know that a millionaire treasure hunter is following them and will stop at nothing. This is a brief description of the plot of the German-Icelandic film “Operation Napoleon”.

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