Why did the fans take off their shoes in front of Legia Stadium?  The police respond (see)

The PKO Ekstraklasa between Legia Warszawa and Lech Poznań (0-0) was disappointing. However, it came under fire before the match, when fans complained about the services’ detailed checks. There is a police response.


Twitter/ In the photo: Police control of the Legia-Lech match

The match between Legia Warsaw and Lech Poznań is considered one of the most important matches in Poland. Both teams do not hide their aspirations for the championship every year. These are the richest clubs in the country and are very popular. In addition, the fans of the two teams – to put it mildly – do not like each other. This means that services are fully alert.

And so it was Sunday. Even before the match started, photos appeared on social media showing police and security carefully checking fans. Even those who entered the stadium on Łazienkowska Street had to take off their shoes. The fans did not hide their anger.

There are many entries about this topic on the Internet. The actions of the Services, which completely controlled the club’s fans from Poznań’s entry into the facility, were critically criticized.

What is the reason behind these inspections? This was written about on X (formerly Twitter) in the Warsaw Police profile.

“There are eggs with a surprise and, as it turns out, there may also be shoes with a surprise. Before the match between Legia and Lech, large quantities of fireworks products were secured. That is why we made sure that the inspections were extremely thorough,” we read. Police also reported 20 arrests.

The added photo shows that the banned fireworks could have been carried into the stadium in shoes. They were supposed to have special hiding places in the soles of the feet.

Online entries show that not only shoes were inspected, but also other clothing items. Not all fans were able to enter the stadium. Let’s add that there were 29,028 spectators in the stands.

Here are the fans’ comments:

Here is the police response:

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