series Doctrine killer She’s celebrating her 15th birthday this year and… she’ll probably wait at least twice! During the Ubisoft Forward event, an extensive committee was prepared, which was dedicated to the future of the course. Meanwhile, not only has the next batch been officially announced, Miragebut also some other upcoming projects.

Rumors about the father. Codename RedPlayers will find their way to feudal Japan (which many fans of the brand have been waiting for) as well. Codename Hexe. The last title is supposed to be something completely new in the history of the series – most likely, as suggested in the leaks, we’ll see a witch hunt in the Holy Roman Empire there. Unfortunately, in both cases, only short teasers and limited banner presentations were made, so it should be assumed that we will have to wait a long time for both games to debut. considering that Mirage will start next year, so And the hicks It is likely to appear in 2024 or later. It is also worth adding that both products will be available on the platform AC: Infiniti.

Moreover, the open world game comes to mobile, as it is known so far Codename Jadeand a live action series co-developed with Netflix.

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