Where is the storm?  A super cell is moving through Poland

The weather remains dangerous on Friday. They are already taking shape Storm cellsAnd sometimes very strong. Pictures and recordings appear on social media documenting the effects of hail and storms.

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Where is the storm? It’s moving east

According to IMWM, a supercell is currently moving east on the border of Greater Poland and Lodz Voivodeship, carrying… Heavy rain and hail. In places 15mm of rain fell in 10 minutesalso appeared Hail with a diameter of about 3 cm. The storms are also accompanied by strong winds reaching speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour.

Flooding of streets, houses, garages and basements may occur in some places – warns IMWM in a message posted on Facebook.

Meteorologists expect more storm cells to form in the following hours in the Carpathians and in the belt extending from Greater Poland to Podlasie. It is possible that the supercell will reach Masovia.

Dangerous not only in Greater Poland

Residents of towns hit by the storm on Friday are spreading the aftermath of the attack. Photos and recordings of the flooded Mickiewicza Street appeared on the Facebook profile “Kataklizmy w Polsce iw Polsce”. In Prodzio In the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Because of the storm it was impassable:

There was also a storm in Brudzewo Heavy cold, which, according to the author of the entry, would have led, among other things, to the death of the pigeon. It is several centimeters long a graduate It was also supposed to be located in Wielenin near Uniejów in Łódź Voivodeship:

The authors of the entry on the Storm Observers Facebook profile warn that in the near future we must take into account possible storm surges, heavy rains and possible hailstorms, among other things, in places such as Żychlin whether Friday in Lodz Governorate.

IMWM alerts in many counties

Because of serious Storms Currently in effect Top notch IMWM alerts In the following governorates:

  • The majority of Mazovia Province;
  • Eastern parties Greater Poland;
  • Northern and southern parts Lodz;
  • Southern and western parts Podlasie;
  • Southern part Podlasie;
  • Świętokrzyski;
  • Podkarpacki;
  • Lesser Poland;
  • Silesia.

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”Events”: The destructive power of storms. Many floods, torn roofs and broken trees/Polsat News/Polsat News

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