Kevin Costner won’t be happy with these box office predictions.  What will the spin-off fare for A Quiet Place be?

The year 2024 isn’t particularly kind to filmmakers, and audience grace is riding a bright horse, as George Miller finds out. Sand Dunes: Part Two It takes the top spot on the podium this year with a score of $711 million, which is a pretty good number, but still less than what the previous year’s films managed to pull off. The director himself expressed his disappointment about this, and it is clear that he has the best interests of the cinemas themselves in mind.

The summer season is upon us, and the first box office predictions have appeared online.

A quiet place. Day 1 – Box Office Forecast

Both parts A quiet place They earned a total of $638 million. Expectations are that the team will maintain good form, even without John Krasinski at the helm. The first spin-off of the series It is expected to earn more than $40 million in its opening weekend. For comparison, the first part grossed $50.2 million and the second $57 million, although the second part included an extra day.

A score of over 40 million for a spin-off without the stars of the previous parts would be more than satisfactory.

Horizon. Chapter 1 – Box Office Forecast

However, there will be no reasons for complacency Kevin Costnerunless the audience surprises and exceeds current expectations. Horizon. Chapter one The cost is part of the $100 million that has been allocated for it Chapter one I Chapter Two. In addition to Kevin Costner, who directs and plays the main role. He paid $58 million out of his own pocket to realize his vision. All of this puts the film in a difficult position, especially if you look at the expected results – according to expectations Horizon. Chapter one It will only earn $10-15 million in its first weekend.

It would be a major financial failure, and not the first this year.

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