The most volcanic moon in the solar system.  Io in images from Juno

Jupiter has dozens of moons, the most famous of which is Io. That's because it is The most volcanic body in the entire solar system. He hasn't been seen up close for a long time. Meanwhile, at the end of December, a NASA probe flew over the moon, which had been studying the gas giant for several years.

The Juno spacecraft flew past Io during its 57th pass over Jupiter. NASA has already announced that it wants to approach the volcanic moon during the mission. The ship flew above the surface At a distance of about 1500 km During this time he took amazing pictures of this object.

Io's surface is covered with active volcanoes. This doesn't happen without a reason. The moon is exposed to strong gravitational forces. On the one hand, it is influenced by Jupiter, and on the other hand, by other large moons, including Europa and Ganymede. Makes it so The object is stretched and compressed. As a result, there is significant volcanic activity there. Scientists say tidal forces there are so great that the surface could collapse Bending and lifting to a height of 100 metres.

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