Where is the cheapest all inclusive this year?  There you can relax for pennies

Bulgaria is one of the top tourist destinations among Poles

Bulgaria has gained popularity among Poles in recent years. Why? For a reasonable price, we can spend 7 days abroad without worrying about financial issues.

If we're dreaming of sunny weather, it's worth taking into account booking dates between June and August, because it's definitely the warmest there. However, if we want to enjoy a warm sea bath and no rain, the best month is August. In Bulgaria, we can expect the summer temperature to reach around 25°C, which is a great solution for people who are tired of the Egyptian heat.

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Offers for a small fee. There you will relax like a king

Browse offers from mid-June to the end of August, You can see an increase in prices compared to last year. However, there is still a chance to find a holiday at an affordable price. With many agencies you can book Excursion in an all-inclusive package for about 4000 PLN. For two people.

Most of the proposals relate to Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. Through different tour operators, we can find many offers in 3 and 4 star hotels. However, it should be noted that there will also be offers for a 7-night stay with flights worth approximately PLN 3.5 thousand. For two people. Thanks to this, we can go on a royal vacation for about PLN 1,750 per person.


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Most offices offer:

  • A flight,

  • Accommodation,

  • transformation,

  • insurance,

  • Travel luggage.

In addition, many hotels have their own pool, spa, gym, nearby private or public beach, and full meals. Thanks to this solution, we can save a lot of food, drinks and other attractions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, usually a buffet, and snacks throughout the day will make you feel like a real VIP.

All-inclusive packages often offer many amenities at a low price

All-inclusive packages often offer many amenities at a low priceGetty Images

What's worth seeing in Bulgaria?

In both Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, we will enjoy clean sandy beaches that are eagerly chosen by tourists. Many water parks and amusement parks are available for families with children. At Golden Sands you will also find a zoo and a dolphinarium. Interestingly, Sunny Beach is famous for diving. Although Bulgaria may not be associated with such attractions, we can go there for an underwater adventure. One-day cruises and sampling Bulgarian cuisine are also very popular there. There will also be plenty of places for nightlife lovers in Sunny Beach.

In Bulgaria it is worth visiting cities such as:

  • Nessebar,

  • Pomorie,

  • Burgas,

  • Varna.


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