Where does the mass come from?  Observing the quark and the photon will allow us to better understand the phenomenon of their acquisition

Scientists are working on the ATLAS experiment They decided to take a look The mechanism of symmetry breaking and electroweak interactions, and analysis of data on the top quark that appears as a result of the collision of protons. They targeted the T-quark because it interacts strongly with the Higgs field, making it the most massive elementary particle.

Scientists want to monitor the decay of individual t-quarks, take into account deviations from Standard Model predictions, and study symmetry breaking in electroweak interactions. The problem is that individual T quarks are very difficult to observe. Pairs of t-quarks are much easier to observe, but they are controlled by the strong force. Therefore, they decided to look for other pairs – a single quark with a photon interacting with it.

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