Scientists have discovered the “wisdom protein”.  Without it, IQ drops to 40

Robert Plomin sometimes dreams that the British Education Minister will call him and ask how he can help struggling children succeed in school. – It is very easy: Thanks to DNA analysis upon enrollment in school – will be the world's answer.

Plomin has been working with DNA all his life. Specifically, small changes in DNA – so small that they involve just one letter. The researcher wants to know whether they affect, among other things: success in school. In short: yes, if there are thousands of them and they form the right combination. As a result, genes have a greater influence on the ability to learn or think logically than life circumstances. Depending on the test, genetic predisposition can be attributed to 45 to 70 percent. Differences in thinking ability.

For Plomin, these numbers answer the question of why schools fail so often. In his opinion, only genetics explains why one first grader learns to read quickly, and the other learns to read slowly. – It has a much greater impact than teaching methods, for example – says the researcher. The effect, he adds, is that weaker students lose time (and knowledge) at school because they only receive help when they suffer educational failure.

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