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Netflix kills another title – Robert Pattison and Downey Jr. Jobless


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Adam McKay has stopped directing a Netflix movie about a serial killer politician. Would the film have been produced without the participation of an excellent screenwriter?

Adam McKayfilm director such as “big short” I “Don’t look up“, he resigned from directing the film “Average height, average build.” The production, which was due to be available on Netflix, was about a serial killer who becomes a politician to manipulate legislation and facilitate murder. Robert Patterson He was supposed to play a serial killer in the film, A.J Robert Downey Jr. A retired policeman wants to catch the killer at any cost.

Why did Adam McKay quit Netflix?

MacKay wrote the film’s screenplay, but withdrew from directing due to other professional commitments. He is currently working on a film about climate change.

foot. Emma McIntyre via. GQ

McKay’s resignation from directing “Average Height, Average Build” is a huge disappointment to fans of his work. Mackay is known for his sharp social and political satire, and “Medium Height, Medium Build” was intended as a continuation of his critical commentary on the modern era.

Unfortunately, it is not known whether the film would have been made without McKay’s participation. Netflix has not yet announced whether it intends to continue production.

New production by Adam McKay

Adam McKay’s new film, whose title is not yet known, will be a story about climate change. MacKay intends to use the film to criticize the actions of governments and companies that contribute to the climate crisis.

According to press information, the film will tell the story of a group of scientists who are trying to warn the world of the coming climate catastrophe. However, their warnings are ignored by those in power who care more about profits than protecting the planet.

MacKay, who is concerned about climate change, declared that his film would be a “brutally honest” portrait of the modern world. The director wants the film to spark discussion about climate change and encourage viewers to take action.

The film is still in development. It is not known when it will be shown in cinemas.

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