The war in Ukraine 2022. The situation at the front 11 days after the war.  A surprise for the Russians

Ukrainian forces are still repelling Russian attacks. Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, announced that a large supply of military equipment from the West is scheduled for March 7, 2022, in order to increase Ukraine’s capabilities. called her A surprise for the Russians.

as follows from The latest analysis of the Center for Oriental StudiesThe heaviest fighting is currently taking place in the northwestern suburbs Kyivin cities like Bokza, Erbio or Hostemile. The Russians are attacking critical infrastructure and civilian homes.

In the southwest of Kyiv, Russian forces are trying to displace the Ukrainians and force them to withdraw towards it Zhytomyr.

The main Russian forces are concentrating in the left-bank district of Kyiv. According to OSW, which analyzed the state of battles in The eleventh day of the war in Ukraine“The Ukrainian army has lost the initiative of the strategic and operational level there. Units that maintain combat capability create defensive positions around major cities.” According to US data, pOsian units are located 25 km from the center of the capitalWhile the column of forces extends north Kyiv Its length is 64 km.

According to the information provided by the Capital Defense Command, it is still possible to leave Kyiv To the south and east to Borispol. This route uses, among others, humanitarian convoys.

The attack continues in Chernihiv, the Russians bombed many buildings in the city, sparing civilian buildings. Sumi is also defending herself, from which the attacks have stopped for the past 24 hours. Another attack on KharkovGuided by force Rosgard.

As confirmed in OSW analysis, Coming days war show it Russia is gaining air dominance, which significantly increases the participation of its aircraft in combat. Although Ukrainian forces are still able to counter air attacks at the air defense level, they are not able to defend themselves against attacks like those in Vinnytsia with a heavy strategic bomber.

Russia It not only prevents the evacuation of civilians, but increasingly attacks them, for example by bombing apartment buildings. In Mikowagov alone, 211 schools were destroyed or damaged. mode in Bokza, Erpic and Mariupol. There is a shortage of water, gas and electricity.

information According to the Ministry of Energy, 646,000 people currently do not have access to electricity, while 130 thousand people do not have access to gas, and this number will continue to increase due to the destruction of the Donetsk-Mariopol gas pipeline. In view of the constantly low temperatures, this can have disastrous consequences.

Admittedly, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that it will open on March 7 Human corridors In many Ukrainian cities, they will have, though Only lead to Russia and Belarus.

President Volodymyr Zelensky He publicly criticized this proposal. “The armed forces of the Russian Federation continue missile attacks and shelling,” he added Kyiv, Mariupol, Volovashi, Sumy, Mikolago, Kharkiv and other localities, which prevents the safe departure of humanitarian convoys with citizens of Ukraine and other countries, as well as the delivery of medicines and foodstuffs, ”the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed.

Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced that they have arrived in the country The first volunteers from Great BritainThey want to fight for the freedom of Ukraine. also show Volunteers from other countries – According to applications to Ukrainian embassies, their number is up to 20,000 from 52 different countries.

The number of people crossing the border with Poland is increasing every day. On March 6, there were 142,300 of them. According to OSW, “Evacuation trains transport residents of the southern and eastern regions to Lviv, and international trains from Lviv and Kiev to Chełm, Przemyśl, Hrubieszów and Warsaw. Additional links have also been launched from Kramatorsk and Odessa to Uzhgorod in Zakarpattia.”

Anna Banikowska Filipick

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