When only hope remains… mental strength in the face of difficulties

Looking into her husband’s eyes, holding his little hand, Iga still didn’t lose hope. He believes the next treatment will make the expected breakthrough. After all, I have read about examples of many people who have recovered from this monstrous cancer. Every day, waking up, he looks optimistically into the future, one might even say against logic – like a drowned man holding onto a razor.

Paula incorporates training into her daily schedule. Work, home, but above all, the implementation of the path leading to the goal. For several years, it was believed that he would finally stand on the podium. And though it is not easy, though life deceives her, though it teaches her humility, she does not lose hope.

Ilona and Bartik do not know where they made mistakes in upbringing. They have surrounded their two children with love since they were born. Family has always been in the first place for them. Conversations, joint meals and mutual support in various difficult moments. They have no idea what made the son suddenly start denying the values ​​prevailing at home, and the company he met becomes his whole world. His parents are saddened to see what is happening to him. But they believe that what they have given, and what they have been through for years not only in word but also in example, will not be in vain, and that their son will find a way to make him a good and valuable person. They stay with him, supporting him, despite the attitude he presents.

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