Daniel Olbrychski on lex TVN and the situation in Poland: the president gave us a caricature

rejection Senate veto law lex TVN I mean, the verb went to President Andrej Duda. Therefore, on December 19 of this year, protests took place in defense of media freedom. At the demonstration, Donald Tusk dedicated a poem written by Czeslaw Mitosz to the president, Ko Andrzej Franaszek commented in an interview with Dawid Dudko for Onet Kultura.

Daniel Olbrychski on lex TVN and the situation in Poland: the president gave us a caricature

Daniel Olbrichki was unable to attend the demonstration. Commenting on the free media and the political situation in our country Published “Gazeta Wyborcza”. As the actor asserts, “the writing is a sign of his solidarity and indignation.”

“In these days leading up to Christmas, our homeland is falling before our eyes. From all sides. Is it the stupidity of society? – Olbrychski asks.

The article continues under the video.

In “Wyborcza,” he writes about the culture which, he says, “has been sitting for 60 years,” and its minister, Piotr Gliński.

“Jaroslav Kaczynski knows very well that, with small exceptions, our widely understood environment considers him an unimaginable scourge. I personally give him first place in the history of the referendum in the category of evil he does to our country … – writes, adding that “the president, who hates People of culture, he gave us a caricature of competence and morals as a minister, perhaps laughing a sly laugh, and that “not even the People’s Republic of Poland invented such a person in culture.”

Olbrychski also refers to the President of Belarus. He estimates that “the leader and his gang from top to bottom will destroy everything so that they, like Lukashenka, do not relinquish power as soon as they win.”

What is lex TVN really about?

Law and Justice politicians argue that the whole act is intentional That the Polish media should not be bought by companies from undemocratic countries such as Russia, China or Arab countries. Therefore, a provision must be introduced into the media law that television and radio stations in Poland should be owned only by the European Economic Area, which includes the EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

However, the goal is completely different. If such a law went into effect, it would only affect TVN owned by American Discovery. First, because America does not belong to the European Economic Area. Second – Americans in Poland only own electronic media from outside the European Economic Area. That is why this act is known as anti-TVN or lex TVN act.

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