Stars at the Venice Film Festival: Monica Bellucci, Ana de Armas and Brad Pitt (photos)

Venice Film FestivalThat started on August 31 is slowly coming to an end. Over the past week, many celebrities associated with the world of cinema, dressed in the best designers, walked the red carpet at the Palazzo del Cinema.

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It couldn’t have been otherwise, and on Thursday, when two high-profile performances were made. On that day, the latest painting was presented in the Italian city Paolo Verziand “Siccita” and “The Blonde” directed by Andrew Dominic.

Therefore, in front of a large number of photojournalists, they posed for the main role in the Italian comedy Monica Bellucci He played the title blonde, ie. Marlin Monroe Ana de Armas. We were able to see the 57-year-old in a black dress and a gorgeous necklace around her neck, as well as a plaid shirt and black pants. Ex Ben Affleck Instead, she opted for a pink dress with a deep neckline. In addition to the embellished ladies, the event was also honored by, among others, wearing a suit and sneakers. Brad Pitt or elegant Adrien Brody.

See photos from the red carpet.

Real stars, real class. Not like the whole Kardashiaknki and other hookah of this type.

Brad Pitt Monica Bellucci looks elegant 👌

Monica looks great. Naturally beautiful as usual. Don’t overdo it with facial features and you can see how much it pays off. Brad, eh, this is Brad. Divinely.

Bellucci… You can see that she is a mature woman. She’s still pretty because she doesn’t pretend to be younger than her. I wish I had that glint in my eyes in 20 years…

Monica, ah Monica… why didn’t this fate give me her beauty 😭😭😭

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Bellucci looks terrible and by the way what are her achievements in cinematography, there were episodes and no talent for her because Cassel is a great actor.

berlluci goes to the antiques store

Once the lips swell, the skin is already thin and you can see terrible effects

Arrogant people…

3 hours ago

Bellucci looks as if she is 78 years old, not 58. SHA treatments have failed….

Bellucci used to be a classy woman… It’s a pity that she was so disfigured by Botox and other treatments.

Brad and Monica would be a combination!!! ❤️

Anna is so disgusted.

Brad is in sneakers, but women who didn’t wear high heels weren’t allowed in…wow!

Monica looks horrible. It’s okay from a distance, but it’s bad up close. Face like cauliflower, unfortunately. I’ve become an ugly old man, like every Italian girl.

And Brad Wasn’t Boycotted Because Of Angelina’s Pictures?

And Kozuchoska not cornered there? Nobody called her? This is the first water star, and in the end she took the whole wardrobe by herself, until she got to sweat again. This is always the best for her.


6 hours ago

Super stars. Super creations. Beautiful Monica ❤️

Beautiful Monica. Nothing will change it. Because these are facial features, appearance, movements, voice. This woman is a goddess. And those comments tell her about wrinkles or something, like in Malina, like in Malena. at the end of the movie. But unfortunately, deep down everyone knows that Monica is prettier than her anyway.

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