Linda Evangelista wants huge compensation from the beauty company

Linda Evangelista was one of the best models of the ’90s the scientist. A few years ago she was professionally active, but since 2016 she has stopped being active in public. The reason for this was recently discovered.

The model admitted on Instagram that she was a victim of an unsuccessful plastic surgery – fat removal. She revealed that her body is permanently deformed.

In this article You will find more pictures of the model.

To all my followers who wondered why I wasn’t working while my girlfriends’ lives were thriving. The model wrote it all down because I was horribly disfigured by the Zeltiq CoolSculpting treatment, which did the opposite of what was advertised.

Evangelista says the body fat reduction procedure had a different effect. Because of complications related to the possible occurrence of which the model was not notified in advance, the adipose tissue increased.

Instead of falling, body fat increased. The operation irreversibly disfigured my body, and even after undergoing two painful and unsuccessful corrective surgeries, I remained, as reported in the media, “unrecognizable.”

The Canadian has filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York, asking for $50 million. Compensation for material losses resulting from the effects of the procedure and psychological stress. Evangelista, 56, adds that she has been unable to find a job as a model, and therefore has not earned anything in five years.

Zeltiq Aesthetics, part of the Allergan Aesthetics group, has not commented on this yet.

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