Gambling means excitement and gambling is an absolute thrill. The film industry has recognized this and has included this theme in numerous films. It’s not just the villains who play poker in smoky backrooms or gamble cards in dark dive bars – films like “Ocean’s Eleven” have let the topic of gambling shine in the glamorous light of Las Vegas casinos, while in “21” a professor and his clever math students devote themselves to the subject.

The subject of gambling and casinos is present in many good Hollywood classics. Anyone who has ever been to a casino or knows the rules of blackjack, will be even more excited by the cinematic realizations of poker tournaments, such as in the James Bond film “Casino Royal”. But even for gambling newbies, there are plenty of good flicks on the streaming market.

These are the 6 Best Gambling Movies

#1 Rounders

Rounders is one of the most important movies for the poker industry and has ensured that this branch of gambling is booming. Lead actor Matt Damon gets caught in a dangerous gambling maelstrom in this film as talented poker player Mike, and even risks his life when his buddy is in massive money trouble and Mike comes to his rescue.

Many other poker movies have been made based on Rounders, but John Dahl’s flick is still considered the best in the segment. Insights into reading the opponent and the mental aspects of playing poker are paired with suspense and action in this film, making for two hours of movie fun par excellence.

#2 Ocean’s Eleven

Even though the film does not delve particularly deeply into individual games of chance, it does, as already mentioned at the beginning, provide exciting insights into the glittering world of Las Vegas and is primarily just fun.

A gang of eleven criminals, played by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon, among others, tries to rob the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas with a lot of wit and brains and provides good entertainment.

#3 Casino

Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone are the stars of one of the best popcorn cinema called “Casino”, which gives an insight into Las Vegas in the 70s and 80s. Mafia, gangsters, casino hotels, and murder are in the foreground in this Hollywood classic by Martin Scorsese, which makes the history of the city more understandable.

#4 Casino Royale

Even the name of the film makes it clear that gambling plays a role in it. Casino Royale is the first film of James Bond actor Daniel Craig and immerses the viewer in the gambling world of Montenegro, poker tournaments and deals with evil. Bond is supposed to defeat poker player LeChiffre in poker to have leverage in his hand, because LeChiffre needs the poker winnings for illegal dealings.

#5 The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg shines in this gambler movie that takes the subject of gambling addiction to the extreme. His character Jim Bennett gambles without mercy and even has to borrow money, risking his life. Illegal casinos, poker, blackjack, roulette, and betting – for Jim Bennett life consists of nothing else and as a viewer this character, who makes so many bad decisions, gets to you. Hollywood excitement as it should be is guaranteed in “The Gambler” and for true gambling fans this film is a must-see.

#6 Jack King Grass

The film is not a Hollywood great, but an independent film by the British director Guy Ritchie, but the story makes the heart of gambling fans beat faster. A group of four friends wants to shine at a big poker tournament and clear the big money, and just to raise the stake of 100,000 British pounds, they mess up in numerous places and are already 500,000 pounds in debt to the wrong people when the tournament just begins.


Can you say that casinos have Hollywood to thank for their fame, or vice versa? That will never be known, but the truth is that these six films alone are spectacular for moviegoers and casino fans alike.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be James Bond, but we can learn from both the thrill and adrenaline factors involved in these games. So, pick your favorite movie for tonight and place your mental bets.

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