War in Ukraine.  Ukraine shot down all the drones attacked by Russia

Ukrainian air defenses shot down 17 drones. With which Russia attacked Ukraine on the night of Saturday to Sunday. As mentioned, the Russians also used a Kh-31 air-to-air missile and an Iskander-M missile, although the Ukrainian military did not report shooting them down.

Russian attack in Ukraine. Ukraine shot down 17 drones

A message on the social media channel of the Ukrainian Air Forces Command stated the following:

“On the night of April 7, 2024, the enemy attacked with a Kh-31 air missile from the occupied Luhansk region, an Iskander-M missile from Crimea, and 17 Shahd-131/136 drones from Crimea.” As further specified, “Ukrainian Defense Forces shot down 17 enemy Shahed 131/136 attack drones In Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions.

Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk's statement ended with thanks to the “defenders of the sky.”

War in Ukraine. Attack in Kharkov

On Saturday, Russian attacks using drones and missiles killed at least six people in Kharkov. The invader first attacked the city after midnight on Saturday, then renewed its bombardment in the afternoon.

The Russians fired at least Nine blocksThree dormitories, several administrative buildings, a store and a gas station.

She commented on the tragic news coming from Kharkov on social media US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget A. Brink. “At night, Russia carried out another attack on Kharkov,” she wrote, reporting six people killed and wounded before the occupiers’ second attack. “There's not a second to lose“To support Ukraine's struggle to defend its people from such terrible and unprovoked attacks,” she added.

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“The Israeli ambassador is the opposite of a diplomat.” “Presidents and Prime Ministers” by Yaakov Leon/Polsat News/Polsat News

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