Crysis Remastered Trilogy - Game review.  The crisis is (almost) averted

We’ve got a lot of triples in the gaming industrywhich is referred to today as a cult. It can be enumerated and enumerated. After all, we have the massive series Dead Space, three big Mass Effect installments (You can find reviews of the updated trilogy here), plus big players like Max Payne, BioShock, Dark Souls or of course – looking at our backyard – The Witcher from CD Projekt RED.

One can also mention the above Crysis brand from German studio Crytek. There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding this trilogy, and you can get the impression that each scene triggered something. Of course, this is partly a sign of bugs on the part of the developers, but it is also partly the huge expectations the community had regarding these games. And although all of them ended up being “the positive side of the industry”, an attempt was made to convince a larger group of them.

Just a few days ago, Crysis Remastered Trilogy debuted. And the title itself reveals what we’re dealing with. First of all, there is Crysis, and secondly, regeneratively. And the third – the whole trilogy in one. The perfect choice to get acquainted with an unusual series of shootings and discover what has been so admired, or to return to this world. Are you sure it worked perfectly? Feel free to review.

The Crysis Remastered Trilogy – A seemingly inconspicuous move

Already on the occasion of the announcement of the first edition I heard voices that it was actually an unnecessary movement And incomprehensible – after all, the general opinion is that Crysis is not very old. Each of the three parts really made a great impression at the premiere. Nope – hardly anyone can take advantage of the full power, because the creators seemed to go beyond the available equipment and offer something that was ahead of its time.

unfortunately it was It’s somewhat similar to the Invisible King’s robe, but just the opposite. In this case, everyone is assured that they are excellent, but few can take advantage of them. For this reason, it was decided to offer us a tighter linkage for consoles of the previous generation, since they should easily adapt to high requirements. That’s why in the reviewed Crysis Remastered trilogy, we got a revised update of the first (it was full of bugs in the premiere) and two more that completed the trilogy.

And although – as I mentioned in the subtitle – this is a seemingly inconspicuous move, before the revised refreshment came out, I decided once again to remember what the original games looked like. We know very well that nostalgia and memories of bygone years can be betrayal. Well, in the case of Crysis (and especially in one of the installments) everything was very visible. Today this landscape does not burn eyes.

For the sake of accuracy (cool moment, in the sixth paragraph), I will reveal that I will not focus here on issues of purely fictional or how many weapons we have and what are the reasons for fighting opponents in each part of the trilogy. I would like to dedicate this text to analysis What, if and how the creators managed to change in later versionsAnd to prove at the same time that it is the best option currently to get to know this trilogy.

Crysis is still a crisis

Let’s start with the first part, which debuted in 2007. Well, It’s exactly the same game that we can remember from that time. A project with an equally pretentious plot (purely subjective of course), a blank map filled only with enemy patrols and the same numerous annoying bugs that keep us from getting engrossed while on a tropical island dominated by a mysterious evil. The only difference is that we haven’t seen it in twelve years – and today it’s notable.

Crysis 1 - Views

The difference actually lies in the graphics, although they tell you the truth, It could still be better. On PlayStation 5, I had no fear of turning on Ray Tracing mode (which is one of the three available – apart from ‘quality’ and ‘performance’ too) and you can sometimes admire how the sun’s rays penetrated through the bush in the middle of the forest. It really did a good job it was worse with the other items…

The views in the distance are really shocking here on a bigger TV And although it is smoothed out at times, it is still very angular with visible pixels on the edges of mountains, trees, and bases (screenshots do not fully reflect this). The facial expressions of our heroes or the silhouettes of our enemies are also similar. I feel impudent and will not hide that a debut in the series can have such a powerful impact. It’s a bit like Uncharted 1, where you can love what’s being offered, but you can’t hide the flaws. Anyway – in the end it must be said that the control itself is also annoying, and this is a huge drawback.

It’s so much better then!

However, if we go further… Something wonderful is waiting for us. The second and third installments were eye-catching at the premiere, but now they’re making a good impression. The graphical jump can be seen with the naked eye and in this case the effort was really strong. After I finished playing the first part and skipped to the sequel, I was shocked. New York City looks just like the previous generation.

Crysis 2 - Reviews

What is more, Everything runs smoothly and HDR does the job Especially in metro tunnels and during night trips. It’s no different with the futuristic trio, which, although it needs the fewest number of adapters, is still exceptionally good. Nothing breaks here, the fluidity does not go crazy, the world created by a team from Germany takes you to the dance and does not let you break free for hours on end.

Both parts of the revised package They are exactly what we promised before their first show. We have exceptional fun for all fans of science fiction, cosmic secrets and brilliantly designed military equipment, very useful in combat. Calling these nicknames is pure fun.

Compatible Nano Prosthesis

Briefly… Crytek was up to the task, but a maximum of four with a small plus. Mission accomplished, but with slight faltering. This is, of course, the first part, which still has a lot of bugs that effectively kick the player out of the game. In an ideal world, creators would have to follow the path of the team responsible for updating Mass Effect and implement the older version that was the hardest – try something that would conflict with the new version framework.

Crysis 3 - Opinions

Unfortunately, this did not happen and it is a scratch on this diamond. Diamond, which seems to be ideal for people who want to see for themselves why the Crysis brand is so high today and why they cried so loudly about the creation of the fourth edition. At this point, there is no better option for an autopsy on how to fight enemies with nano-suits and use endless weapons.

Although a lot of shootings (including science fiction) have been done over the years, they are The reviewed Crysis Remastered trilogy can easily defend itself with them. I had the impression that the creators of the update were very aware of what the original parts were. They were well aware of their advantages and decided to emphasize them. In 2/3 it was also possible to efficiently cover the defects that can be indicated in the first view. Unfortunately, the remaining 1/3 is Crysis 1.

So, if you want to learn about the entire trilogy – from start to finish – don’t let anything stop you. For less than PLN 200 we get three really good games, which in total will allow us to play for about 30 hours. However, if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, but want to give it a shot, skip the first part. It’s so easy to get frustrated, and it would be a shame not to check out Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. They’re impressive!

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